Congratulations on becoming a homeowner! It’s an exciting time, filled with possibilities and, well, the occasional plumbing surprise. A leaky faucet here, a clogged drain there – these minor mishaps can quickly turn into major headaches. That’s why having a trusted plumber on speed dial is a homeowner’s secret weapon.

But how do you find a good plumber, especially when you’re new to the area? Here are 4 tips to help you build a long-lasting relationship with a local plumbing professional. 

Leverage Your Local Network

Plumbing emergencies don’t strike when it’s convenient. Be proactive! 

Talk to your neighbors, friends, realtor, or even an online community. These are the people who have likely used a plumber themselves and can give you valuable insights.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • “Who did you use for your recent plumbing job?”
  • “Were you happy with their service?”
  • “Were they professional, communicative, and did they explain the issue clearly?”
  • “Would you recommend them?”

Consider Preventative Care

Many plumbers offer preventative maintenance services, like drain cleaning or faucet installation. This is a goldmine for new homeowners! 

Scheduling a non-emergency service allows you to:

  • Meet the plumber in a relaxed setting. This is a valuable opportunity to assess their professionalism, communication style, and see if they answer your questions thoroughly. Do they explain things clearly? Are they courteous and respectful?
  • Get a feel for their work ethic. Observe how they handle the job. Are they clean and organized? Do they take the time to protect your floors and fixtures?
  • Establish a baseline for pricing. Get a quote for the service beforehand. This will give you a good idea of their pricing structure for future reference

Be a Client They Want to Keep

Once you find a plumber you trust, do your part to nurture the relationship. 

You want to:

  • Pay invoices promptly. This shows you value their time and expertise
  • Be courteous during service calls. A little kindness goes a long way
  • Communicate clearly. Be upfront about the issue you’re experiencing and any questions you have
  • Be a loyal customer. Sticking with a plumber you trust saves you time and hassle in the long run. They’ll be familiar with your plumbing system and prioritize your needs, especially during emergencies

Keep Them Informed of Upcoming Projects

Even if it’s months or even a year down the line, let your plumber know if you have any upcoming renovations or plumbing-related projects in mind. This gives them a heads up on potential needs and allows them to schedule accordingly.  They may also be able to offer valuable insights or recommendations during the planning stages, saving you money and hassle in the long run.  

For example, if you’re planning a bathroom remodel in the near future, mention it to your plumber. They may be able to suggest energy-efficient showerheads or recommend relocating pipes to improve functionality – all before you demo your existing bathroom.

Building a relationship with a plumber goes beyond just having their number saved in your phone. You want to think of them as a valuable resource so that you can focus on the fun parts of homeownership, transforming your house into a comfortable haven – without any surprise plumbing mishaps dampening your mood!