5 Storage Hacks for Keeping Your Jewelry Organized at Home

If you’re someone who loves jewelry and is constantly collecting it, you’ve already likely run into the issue of finding places to store it so that you can find the pieces you most enjoy easily. Fortunately, no matter how many pieces you may have, it’s quite easy to get everything in order. Here are five storage hacks for keeping your jewelry organized at home that you can use as your collection grows.

1. Buy Dedicated Storage

Too many people purchase jewelry and start storing it all together in one dresser drawer. Not only does this make it easy for pieces to get scratched or tangled together, but it also eliminates storage space that you could be using for clothing and other items in your home. Buy dedicated jewelry storage pieces like jewelry boxes and armoires so that everything is stored somewhere it’s supposed to be.

2. Transform Objects Into Seamless Storage for Jewelry

Do you not currently have the budget to buy more high-end jewelry storage options? Don’t fret. There are ways to keep your jewelry organized in a more budget-friendly way. One great example is using bead organizers for smaller pieces like necklaces and pendants. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find something that works for you!

3. Separate Pieces by Type and by Quality

Having your pieces organized by different categories they fall into can make it easier to find certain pieces when you want them. The most basic example is separating all your earrings, your bracelets, and your necklaces. However, you could also separate your jewelry by metal type or even by its current state. Let’s say you have jewelry that’s in stellar condition and jewelry that needs to be brought somewhere for a repair. Keeping these pieces separate helps you know what you have in your collection and what needs some TLC before it can be worn again.

4. Use Stands and Mannequins for Pieces You Wear Frequently

There is naturally going to be some jewelry that stands out in your collection. For the pieces that you find yourself wearing more than once a week, invest in a jewelry tray or a stand like a mannequin hand or necklace tree so that your favorite pieces are always within reach. You’ll thank yourself the next time you go looking for your most prized pieces of jewelry.

5. Keep Soft Pouches and Cleaning Kits on Hand and Establish Dedicated Areas for Pieces That Go Into Storage

Some of your jewelry will probably be stored away for a long time before it comes out. In this situation, having small jewelry bins as well as necessary items like cleaning kits and storage pouches stored away will help you keep the pieces that don’t get worn as often or that are quite valuable safe while they stay stored for longer stretches of time. It’s important to keep these valuables as safe and organized as your more popular pieces.

Keeping jewelry organized can seem like an uphill battle. Use the five tips offered above to stay on top of your collection and ensure that everything is easy to find and in the best possible condition when you wish to wear it.