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Our marketplace allows you to source investment and loan offers

If you are a professional, experienced real asset sponsor seeking to raise capital to buy assets or finance projects, BrickVest is your one-stop-shop.

Global reach

Global reach

  • Access a large and growing network of qualified investors. These include HNW and UHNW investors, family offices, institutional investors and banks, with wide-ranging risk and asset class preferences.


  • List and manage your projects quickly online, using an intuitive and visually rich interface.
  • Increase process efficiency by using our standardised listing framework, based on the information needs of investors and lenders respectively.
  • Flexibility


  • Manage access to your projects – and target certain lenders and investors – by counterparty selection and invitation features.
  • Within each listing, manage access to your identity – using name obfuscation – and detailed project data, according to level of engagement.
  • Is your project the right fit?

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    BrickVest is for real asset developers and managers, owners and operators with a track record of delivering similar projects successfully.


    Hold period

    The typical holding period of investments listed on BrickVest is 2-8 years.



    BrickVest accepts projects looking for investment from €2 million.


    Risk profile

    BrickVest accepts all asset classes, from all major markets, provided they offer risk-adjusted returns and have appropriate pricing expectations.


    Capital type

    We currently accept the following capital structures: equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, stretched senior debt, senior debt.

    BrickVest for brokers and advisors representing real asset sponsors

    BrickVest provides a ready-made, digital infrastructure for real asset brokers. Leverage our technology to increase your efficiency in closing investment and financing deals on behalf of your clients.

    Speak to our Partnership Team about how a commission split might work, should you close a deal as a result of the support of BrickVest. Our fees are negotiable, based on how influential BrickVest is in closing the deal and how many opportunities you list on BrickVest per year.
    List the key details of the investment opportunities on your books, with our easy-to-use listing wizard. (No listing fees apply.) Manage access to your listings with counterparty selection.
    Benefit from an attractive, comprehensive online presence for your investment opportunities (with the identities of you and/or your client disclosed only to lenders who make a bid or investors who officially express an interest, confirmed by BrickVest staff). Manage access to different levels of information on your listings according to investors’/lenders’ level of engagement. Take advantage of (free) active promotion to our extensive network of family offices, HNW, UHNW and institutional investors.
    Allow us to provide investor introductions and any other support to help close the deal.
    Leverage benchmarking and other market data available to brokers registered with BrickVest, to work smarter and faster.

    Did you know?

    BrickVest recently launched a service specifically built to facilitate debt financing.

    It may increase your options for sourcing finance from alternative lenders for your clients.

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    The BrickVest ecosystem is used by investors, lenders and intermediaries from all over the world

    as of 05/08/2020

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