8 Proactive Steps to Protect Your Home From Unwanted Pests

No one wants to find pests in their home. Bugs and rodents can cause property damage, spread diseases, and disrupt your peace of mind. Many people feel ill at ease after sighting a pest scurrying across the floor. Fortunately, there are things you can do to keep them away.

Understanding pest behaviors can help you take preventative action to keep them out of your home. Different pests may respond best to species-specific actions, but these steps safeguard your home from the majority of unwanted pests.

1- Seal Cracks, Gaps, and Holes in the Exterior

Pests can fit through tiny openings, so take care to seal windows and doors, patch holes, and fill in gaps. These openings provide ideal entry points for many species of pests. Always keep screens in windows and remember to keep doors firmly closed.

2- Clean Regularly

Conducting a deep clean removes food crumbs and other attractants that bring insects and rodents inside. Vacuum, wipe down, and disinfect surfaces often.

3- Keep Food in Sealed Containers

One of the main reasons pests head inside is in search of food. The smell attracts them, so sealing and storing food appropriately can help reduce the chance of drawing pests.

4- Clear Away Trash

Garbage, particularly food wrappers and residue, attract pests. Clean up trash immediately after meals and throw the refuse into a sealed trash bin. It’s also a good idea to empty trash receptacles often.

5- Remove Standing Water

Areas of standing water are perfect drinking and breeding spots for pests. For better pest control, eliminate these by filling in low spots in your yard, emptying collected rainwater from toys and furniture, and cleaning up trash that holds water.

6- Trim Your Lawn, Shrubs, and Trees

Consistent yard maintenance is key for pest control. Keeping your lawn cut and trees trimmed makes these areas less appealing for pests.

7- Clear Away Clutter and Debris

Pests love yard debris. Piles of leaves, sticks, and stacked wood are havens for pests to live. Clean up your yard and toss yard refuse to avoid providing pests with tempting hiding spots. If you have fruit or nut trees, pick up the fallen food quickly. Even in your house, don’t allow large piles of items to gather as this could attract unwanted pests.

8- Perform Regular Property Inspections

Period inspections of your home can help you spot signs early on. Examine both the interior and exterior. Outdoors, pay close attention to loose siding, missing shingles, and holes in the foundation that invite pests inside. Even the points where utility lines enter your home can create gaps that pests can use to get indoors.

Pest problems can escalate quickly. In fact, some species are so sneaky that you may not notice you have an issue until it’s already serious. While it’s essential to take action to eradicate infestations when you notice the signs of pest activity, proactive measures to keep them from invading your home in the first place are essential. Following the above easy tips will go a long way toward keeping your space protected and pest-free.