3 Benefits of Adding a Pole Barn Structure to Your Property

Pole barn structures are easy to build and can be used as stock rooms, garages, or even homes. Their simple design provides you with a durable and balanced structure that can add to the value of your property and offer the following benefits. Read below to find out more about 3 of the many benefits of adding a pole barn structure to your property.

1- Sturdy Construction

Pole barn structures have thick columns that provide a rigid foundation. This type of construction resists snow, hail, and storms due to these posts that are very efficient at transferring mass and weight. Unlike a traditionally constructed building that uses a stick-frame method, these barns have a higher wind resistance and sturdier hinge joints. Pole barn structures used as agricultural buildings or garages provide you with a high level of protection while ensuring your farm animals, vehicles, produce, and harvested crops are safe.

Pole barn structures have substantial support in place for any large doors or windows that you may need. You’ll find that since their construction allows for these big openings, you’ll still be able to comply with local building codes as windows and doors are added.

2- Lower Foundation Costs

Since pole barn structures use columns for support, you won’t have to have a basement. Constructing a basement can greatly increase your building costs. Each of the columns in your pole barn structure is inserted four feet into the ground for plenty of support without a basement. Because no underground foundation support is necessary, pole barn structures can be built more quickly. This translates into even more savings.

You’ll also save money by eliminating the need for a continuous footer for support like you would for a typical stick-frame building. Footers require a large amount of concrete, which quickly adds up. If you add extensions, you have to dig underground to increase the foundation, which once again increases the cost. You don’t have to worry about these headaches when constructing a pole barn structure.

3- Versatility

Pole barn structures can be built in any environment. The multi-column construction allows the lateral force to easily spread out. This means your building will be able to handle the constantly shifting ground.

Pole barn structures are ideal if you’re looking for a warehouse or similar large space. The post-frame construction is ideal for storage or multi-vehicle garages as there are no interior walls breaking the space up. You’ll also find that these buildings are available in a wide range of colors, siding materials, and roof designs.

If you do want to use your pole barn structure as a home or cabin, it’s very simple to add walls to break up the interior space. While they aren’t necessary, they’re a welcome addition in certain situations and very easy to alter if you change your mind later on.

If you’re looking for a durable building for all of your needs, you can’t go wrong with having a pole barn structure installed on your land. You’ll appreciate all of these benefits and have a structure that will increase the value of your property.