6 Home Remodeling Projects You Should Let Professionals Handle

You may be just this side of a professional when it comes to your do-it-yourself skills, but even the most experienced DIYer should call in experts for certain projects. If a project is small, you do not mind small mistakes and are willing to accept a level of imperfection, or view the improvement as a hobby rather than work, go ahead and get out your tools. For these next six projects, however, you want an expert with specialized tools, knowledge, and experience.

1- Electrical Projects

As with any project requiring permits, serious electrical work is best left to electricians. Such certified remodeling professionals can install your switch, move your power points, or install ceiling fans in new locations with practice, efficiency, and safety. If you are like most homeowners, you do not maintain knowledge of current local code standards.

2- Projects Involving Structural Integrity

Perhaps you have a dividing wall you wish to remove in order to create a more open and spacious feel to your floor plan. Could you guarantee that the wall in question is not load-bearing, however? If not, better to consult a structural engineer. You do not want to risk your roof caving in from lack of proper support. Experts can help you decide how best to remodel and then carry out the procedure with all the proper permits and plans.

3- Plumbing Projects

Plumbers are often called in after DIYers have made an unsuccessful attempt to effect repairs themselves. To avoid this situation, call in an expert first when your toilet is leaking or a pipe has burst in a hard freeze. Mistakes made in plumbing jobs can start out with subtle consequences that multiply in terms of damage, difficulty to remedy, and associated expenses.

4- Window Installation

Installing a window where its predecessor once was may seem like a simple enough task, but it has more nuance than a first glance will reveal. Because so much money is invested in keeping conditioned air inside, either heated or cooled, anything that opens a potential gap to the outside should be considered by professionals. Your insulation quality depends on a securely seated, quality window.

5- Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is a big project, no matter how big or small your kitchen is. Proper alignment, precise cuts for securely squared corners, and exact placement in installation are only a few of the elements involved. Professionals in cabinetry can ensure your kitchen renovation has a smooth and beautiful result.

6- Waterproofing Projects

Water damage is expensive. A small leak’s effects can multiply rapidly, damaging flooring and supports, encouraging mold growth, and increasing the deterioration rate of drywall. When you need to ensure your shower will not leak, bring in a professional.

These are a handful of projects that even experienced DIYers should leave to the experts. Others range from carpet installation to drywall mudding and foundation repairs. Each of these projects carries either a strong risk of personal injury or a likelihood of property damage when performed with more enthusiasm than expertise. Call on experts with training, knowledge, experience, and professional tools and equipment.