7 Helpful Ideas for Remodeling Your Home's Master Bathroom

One of the most desirable upgrades for any homeowner is a new master bathroom. With so much new technology available, it only makes sense to take advantage of it. When it finally becomes time to upgrade your master bathroom, there are seven main things you want to keep in mind.

1- Always Put Functionality First

When you first start designing your new master bathroom, it can be very easy to get carried away with new upgrades. You may find yourself trying to jam in a bunch of features that seem fantastic on the surface. However, you must think about functionality. Are you really going to use it or does it just sound fun to have? You should only be including functional features in your final design.

2- Don’t Shy Away From Professional Help

Far too often, the average homeowner shies away from hiring a professional designer because they think it’s too expensive. In most cases, the money spent on a designer is well worth it. They will ensure that you get a bathroom you love that boosts the overall value of your home. They will even, most likely, have supplier contacts where they can potentially get cheaper products.

3- Go With Efficient Options

During your bathroom remodel, it’s important to think about longevity. You want to pick features that offer more efficient operation so that you can save money in the long run. A great idea is a low-flow toilet. This restricts water usage when you’re just flushing fluids over waste material.

4- Add More Lighting

One of the most desirable upgrades to any bathroom is more lighting. Just like living rooms, bathrooms always tend to be one of those rooms that rely on just vanity lighting. This isn’t cutting it in the 21st century. Make sure that you’re adding different types of lighting to your bathroom. From overhead lighting to task and ambient lighting, it all contributes together to create a perfectly lit bathroom.

5- Consider Heated Floors

A usual part of any bathroom upgrade is replacing the flooring. Over time, water can penetrate your outdated flooring and cause warping and other issues. When you go to replace your flooring, consider adding heat. These are fairly inexpensive to install and allow for a more comfortable experience while in your bathroom.

6- Invest in a Dual Vanity

As you and your better half spend time getting ready together in the bathroom, it can feel cluttered. When you upgrade, consider designating space for each of you. A dual vanity is a great way to give you both mirror and sink space as well as storage space for your items.

7- Put a High Priority on Ventilation

In your bathroom, there’s going to be a lot of excess humidity. You need to ensure that there’s proper ventilation to get as much of that humidity out as possible. Not having adequate ventilation can allow that water to penetrate your walls, floors, ceiling, vanity, and so forth. This can not only cause mold and mildew growth but prematurely wear out these items.