3 Benefits of Using Rubber Mulch Under Your Home's Swing Set

A backyard swing set provides many hours of outdoor play and childhood memories. One concern when installing a swing set is the children’s safety. Deciding what ground cover to use is an important decision. Read below about the advantages of using rubber mulch under your backyard swing set.

1- Eco-Friendly

Compared to other playground ground covers, rubber mulch is one of the most environment-friendly options. They make the mulch from recycled materials such as tires. To eliminate any toxins, they wash the materials. After removing the toxins, the rubber gets shredded into small pieces. Instead of adding more materials to the landfill that take a long while to degrade, rubber mulch is another way to reuse the material. During the manufacturing process, there are no poisonous gasses released either. Rubber mulch does not need to be replaced yearly like other ground covers, which is also good for the environment.

2- Safety Matters

One thing kids love to do when they swing is they love to jump off the swing. Six inches of mulch can absorb a fall from ten feet. It’s a basic fact that kids fall while playing. Rubber mulch provides a softer landing, which helps the kids from getting hurt. The mulch also meets all industry safety requirements.

Besides helping to keep children from getting injuries, rubber mulch has other attributes to help keep kids safe. For instance, kids do not need to worry about getting splinters. When wet, it does not become slippery. Rubber does not attract mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and ticks found in most yards during the warmer months. Your kids can play without getting bitten by pests. Another quality of rubber mulch is it is waterproof. It will prevent mold and fungus growth, which helps prevent kids from having an allergic reaction.

3- Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

There is no need for any heavy equipment to install rubber mulch. There will be no need to hire a professional. It is a simple project you can do yourself in the afternoon. The ground does not need any special preparation either, and the main surface area does not have to be completely flat.

Once the mulch is in place, it does not need much maintenance. It does not require too much cleaning. A leaf blower will easily remove grass clipping, leaves, and small twigs and branches. If the mulch gets dirty, spray with an environmentally friendly soap and rinse.

It will be years before you will need to replace the mulch. During inclement weather, the mulch pieces stick together. Meaning they will not blow or wash away. The mulch itself can last up to ten years. The kids will most likely outgrow the swing set before you will need to replace the mulch.

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy the outdoors, but we want them to be safe too. Adding rubber mulch under the swing set adds a layer of protection. The mulch meets the ASTM safety standards and will hold up to years of play. Rubber mulch does not require much maintenance, making it a welcome addition to the backyard.