5 Key Reasons to Inspect a Home's Plumbing Before Buying It

If you’re in the market for a home, you know how important an inspection of the home is. That being said, there may be some areas of the home you’re not inspecting carefully enough, such as the home’s plumbing. Why is this vital? Let’s take a look at five key reasons to inspect a home’s plumbing before buying it and why it will greatly improve the homebuying process.

1. It May Help You Secure a Lower Offer

A home’s value is a representation of both the price of the property itself as well as the quality of the home. Conducting a home plumbing inspection allows you to spot any major problems with the system, which may actually allow you to get a better price on it if you plan to buy it and make repairs. Of course, you could also ask for repairs to the plumbing system or even withdraw your offer altogether.

2. You Won’t Be Blindsided by the Issues or the Costs

Homeowners should always expect to spend a bit more money than the actual cost of the house, often due to expenses like the hidden costs of buying a home or buying furniture for the house. However, no one wants to move in to discover that they have a major plumbing problem they need to repair before they can enjoy their new home. Asking for a home plumbing inspection ensures you’re not blindsided by costly plumbing system repairs.

3. You Can Catch Water Quality Issues Early on

Water quality issues can range from mildly troublesome to serious. If there are harmful contaminants that are leaking into your drinking and bathing water, it could prove detrimental to your health over time. Most will be able to tell whether they’re something wrong with the water quality on their own, but a full plumbing inspection can serve to identify where the issue is stemming from. This will better inform how you proceed with taking care of these issues to preserve your health and quality of life.

4. Your Safety and Health Won’t be Impacted When You Move in

Some issues with plumbing are limited to minor clogs that you need to deal with when you move into your new home. Leaks are a much larger concern. Leaks can affect the quality of your home, impacting its structure or even leading to mold growth. A good plumbing inspection helps you maintain your peace of mind by making you aware of the health of the plumbing system.

5. It Can Help You Save Time

Plumbing issues can be quite time-consuming to fix. If you’re able to spot them early via a plumbing inspection, you can reach out to a full-service plumbing company to help you address the problem or request that the current property owner do this. This helps you save time and fix the problem instead of waiting until after you close and notice the issues.

Plumbing is one of the most vital components of the home, and it’s definitely not something you want to have to repair right after moving in. Use the key reasons to get an inspection provided above to go ahead and get that inspection on every home you’re interested in. You’ll thank yourself later!