6 Simple Ways to Stay Organized During a Home Remodel

Are you considering making that dream home renovation a reality? From opening up living spaces to a full kitchen and dining room remodel, a home can easily feel less cramped and look less dated. You’ll enjoy your home more while giving your equity a big boost. But before the contractors show up, let these 6 tips help you stay organized and sane during your home renovations.

1. Adjust Daily Routines

Even small renovation projects can be disruptive. Think about your family’s daily schedules and routines and plan. If you’re having the kitchen remodeled, set up a temporary station to prepare meals. Plan to eat away from home a few nights a week. For a master bathroom remodel, turn the second bathroom into one that will be functional for all the family. Leave pets with a friend or board them during the project.

2. Organize Systematically

Keep phones, keys, chargers, paperwork, and other essentials in a specified location. Then begin packing systematically. Go through cabinets, pantries, closets, or bookshelves as necessary for each part of the project. Toss out or donate things that you last used months ago. Use transparent storage boxes to easily find frequently needed items. Store less used items in cardboard boxes and label them clearly.

3. Store Valuables Securely

You know you’ve hired trusted builders, but parts of your home may have to be left unlocked during the projects. Doors, windows, or walls may be insecure at some point. Your contractor may also need various tradespeople to come in or out. It pays to take precautions and store valuables and important paperwork in a home safe or an off-site deposit box. Rent a climate-controlled storage unit for large items like antiques or valuable furniture you want to protect.

4. Think About Outdoors

Your project may involve some external work, and you may not even be aware of it. If your basement, garage, or outdoor living space needs decluttering, now is an excellent time. Renting a roll-off dumpster is a great solution for your clean-up. Toss in all of your accumulated junk that is no longer of use or isn’t worth donating. It will also provide a place for building scraps.

5. Do a Deep Clean

A reputable contracting company will clean away the big stuff, but since cleaning an uncluttered space is much easier, now is a good time to perform a deep clean before you unpack and fill the cabinets, countertops, and closets again. As you deep clean each space, visualize how you want it to look. Think about maintaining surfaces without hiding new features like that new backsplash with small appliances.

6. Unpack Slowly

Once the project is complete, unpack boxes slowly and one at a time. Go through things your things again with a discerning eye looking for items you may no longer need. Or you may find a better place for them. For example, If you have more cabinet, closet, or shelf space now, use it for items that once crowded countertops and surfaces. Taking your time with the unpacking process allows you to thoughtfully organize your space, ensuring everything has a designated place.