6 Key Advantages of Installing a Generator at Your House

For many people, a home generator is indispensable, especially if they live in an area where the power goes out frequently and stays off for a long time. Even a portable generator is a good and needful device to have even in places where the electricity is reliable, for a storm or other natural disaster can strike anywhere. Here are six advantages of having a home generator.

1. A Generator Lets the Household Run Normally

A generator lets the household run more or less normally when the power goes out and is predicted to be out for days or even weeks. This allows the members of the household to stay in the home instead of having to find shelter elsewhere. Having to leave the house and look for other accommodations can be hazardous in and of itself. One example is a power outage caused by a blizzard or an ice storm. The house not only has no power, but the family members have to get in a vehicle and drive some distance to find shelter under dangerous weather conditions.

2. A Generator Saves Money

Though generators may be pricey to buy and install, they can save money in the long run in places where power outages are frequent and long. If a prolonged outage happens in the height of summer, refrigerated food can spoil, and the homeowner will have to toss it out, and buy more food. They may need to have food delivered or go out to eat.

If the home has a private well and the pump goes out, the homeowner will need to buy bottled water, and even a house with one occupant uses a surprisingly large amount of water every day. A sump pump won’t be able to remove water from the basement or crawl space if there’s a flood, and it will cost money to repair the water damage. Also, people who work from home may not be able to do so during a power outage.

3. A Generator Keeps Electrically Powered Medical Devices Running

Lots of people are dependent on medical devices such as oxygen machines that need electricity to run. In many of these cases, a generator that switches on when the power goes off can be the difference between life and death.

4. A Generator Discourages Burglars

A home that’s dark because the power has gone out is an invitation to a burglar. Not only are the lights out, but so is much or all of the home’s security system. A dark and vulnerable house is even more tempting if the family has had to leave to find other accommodations or if it’s a summer home that’s not lived in full time.

5. A Generator Keeps Working the House Working

Though a homeowner can also buy a portable generator, a generator gets its fuel from the home’s propane tank or gas lines. If the tank is full or gas lines are in good order, the generator can provide as much power as the home needs.

6. A Generator Increases the Value of the Home

Another reason to install a home generator is that it’s one of the few things that increases the market value of a home, even if it’s not used very often. A house generator that’s already installed may be the one thing that clinches the deal when the homeowner’s ready to sell.