8 Tips for Finding the Right Couch for Your Living Room Space

The couch is the star of your living room, and it plays several roles. First, it needs to have the right look, be the right size, and meet your family’s needs. So, choosing a couch puts a lot of pressure on you. You can make the job much easier if you follow these eight tips.

1- Take Accurate Measurements

You cannot afford to guess if the sofa you like will fit in your living room. First, you need to decide where you want the couch and then measure that space. Precisely. If you are not sure where you will put it, measure all the possible spots. Too many people find that their couch doesn’t fit after they’ve brought it home.

Also, measure your entryways if you want to avoid taking the door off the hinges or having to return it to the store. It may fit in your living room but get stuck in your doorway if you are not careful.

2- Consider the Function

Determine the couch’s function. Is it going to be a couch where kids sit, you eat, and the dogs sleep? Or will you use it in a more formal setting? If it has to survive rough and tumble action, you should choose a stain-resistant, tough fabric. The interior needs to be durable and able to take pressure. If, on the other hand, it is more for show, you can choose more delicate fabric and a daintier frame.

3- Think About the Color

Couches should last for years, so the color choice is important. Do you want a shade that goes with everything or do you want to go bold? If neutrals are your thing, go forth and pick beige, tan, or black. But if you want something eye-catching, choose a floral print or an unexpected color. Just decide on your color direction before you shop.

4- Research the Type

You can choose from several types of sofas: traditional two or three-cushion couches, massive sectionals, or sleeper sofas. The least expensive option is the two or three-cushion sofa. They come in many styles and work well in most homes.

The sectional is typically a large piece that equates to a sofa, a loveseat, and possibly a chaise lounge. Some have giant footrests. Most can accommodate a family of five or more. These units are meant for living and are often placed in front of a television.

The sleeper sofa is a popular choice if you do not have a guest room. They are sofas that house a mattress and frame you can pull out to convert to a bed. They are quite handy if you have holiday guests or inlaws that stay over frequently. These pieces are heavy and not easy to move.

5- Factor in the Price

Shop online to familiarize yourself with pricing. Like everything else, the cost of furniture has risen. You might find a sofa for $400, but you will more likely pay $800 or more. A quality sectional will cost several thousand dollars at least. Fabric quality, brand name, and construction details all enter into the price. A cheaper piece will probably cost you more in the long run since it won’t last for many years, while a solid, well-made couch can easily last a decade or more.

6- Observe the Style

Contemporary couches have an appealing style, but you should consider if they fit with the rest of your furniture. If you are only buying a couch, it needs to work with what you have. If everything else in your home is midcentury modern, contemporary may clash. Keep your existing furniture in mind.

7- Shop Online First

You need to pick out furniture in person because online photos are often deceiving and give you no clue about comfort or durability. But shopping online first helps you discover your preferences and craft a budget. You can view hundreds of couches online in the comfort of your home. When you are ready to shop, head to a quality furniture store near you.

8- Weigh the Delivery Options

Sofas are large objects that are not easy to convey. You will want to have yours delivered, so plan ahead for that expense. Even if the store is nearby, you will pay $100 or more for delivery in most cases. If it has to be shipped to the store, that may be an extra fee. Delivery charges can really bust your budget, so be prepared.

If you follow the above tips, your couch search should go smoothly, and you’ll soon have a delightful new addition to your living room.