6 Reasons Why Measurements Matter in Home Construction

Whether you’re building your own home, making your own addition, or even designing a commercial business property, there’s nothing more important than making sure your measurements are 100% correct for numerous reasons. Below, we’ve listed the top six reasons why measuring correctly is vital to a strong and durable structure.

1- Measure Twice; Cut Once

They say this for one simple reason: Once you start doing the actual construction, there’s no going back. Once you cut that piece of wood, you can’t put it back together. If your measurements aren’t correct and you start construction on a project of any kind, the entire foundation will be at risk for numerous hazards, and there would ultimately be a great chance of starting over because there’s no saying when exactly the error will be caught. For this reason, that’s why we say, “Measure twice; cut once.”

2- Floor Plans

Any errors made or incorrect measurements while laying out a floor plan can and will lead to extremely expensive corrections that can also be rather lengthy or time-consuming down the road. Don’t ruin your layouts with faulty measurements. It’s not worth it.

3- Roofing Projects

When you begin a roofing project with incorrect measurements, you run the risk of not only significantly doubling your labor costs, but also wasting any and all materials that were special ordered for your project.

4- Financially Burdening

Inaccurate measurements, especially with roofing, may result in ordering more materials than necessary, or possibly not ordering enough materials, which can result in your project being delayed. If you’re on a schedule, this can put your entire crew and project behind, which means that whoever is financing this project is at risk of being over their budget for both the construction crew as well as wasted materials.

5- Stability

Ensuring that you have correct measurements will result in the proper fitting of any materials used in your project, which can strengthen the overall integrity and stability of the foundation. The more accurate your measurements, the stronger your work will hold up in the long run, which is ultimately the end goal.

6- Time and Financing

Incorrect measurements increase the risk of having to do redo your project, which will cost you a lot of money as well as your time. Nobody wants to overcompensate for incorrect measurements and mistakes that could have been redone and/or avoided. Miscalculating even one step might result in hours/days/weeks of work, or possibly even a total reconstruction, which takes up even more time and even more money.

Making sure you have the correct measurements in any home construction project is the equivalent of doing prep work in a kitchen; if you don’t have the right measurements, you risk spoiling your entire project and the worst part is, you never know when the mistake will be caught, which means that every step you make after the miscalculation means that even more mistakes will be made until someone catches it. It’s the exact same concept with cooking and depending on the importance of the project, it isn’t worth running the risk.