5 Impressive Ways to Enhance Your Backyard's Living Space

As winter transforms into spring and the temperatures rise, you might take stock of the condition of your outdoor space and wonder how you can improve it. There are many things you can do to enhance your backyard to make it a more enjoyable experience that will impress your family and guests. Think of it as an extension of your indoor space. Let’s explore five exciting ways to reimagine your backyard.

1. Plant a Perimeter Garden

You can create a soft and colorful perimeter with raised planting beds for flowers and bushes. This is so much more attractive than simply looking at a fence. It is also excellent for the environment and your health.

Mix and match greenery with bright flowering plants. If you do have a fence, consider planting creeping ivies or even crawling vegetables, such as snap peas or pickling cucumbers.

2. Install Thoughtful Lighting

Gone are the days of floodlights at the roof’s eave filling the yard with overpowering light. Today’s outdoor lighting design offers so many more options for ambiance and security.

Ground-level LED lights in gardens are very low-key and easy on the eyes. String lights along a solid fence or hanging between trees give the yard a festive feeling. Step lights in the risers of a masonry staircase offer safety while still being subtle.

3. Add a Deck

Decks have come a long way from pressure-treated wood posts and joists supporting flat boards. You have elegant and durable wood species to choose from now, including IPE, redwood, and mahogany. Of course, cedar is also a good and more budget-friendly choice.

You also have composite decking and railing systems made of recycled plastic and wood fibers. These deck products offer creative design solutions and many color options. They are also very low maintenance.

A deck installation expertcan show you samples and go over the pros and cons of the different decking materials to give your backyard that extra outdoor “room” you want in summer.

4. Set Up an Outdoor Kitchen

Once your deck or patio is installed, consider having a great outdoor kitchen for cooking and dining al fresco. A gas grill and a cooler are really fine for most situations, but what about upgrading to a full kitchen that has all the bells and whistles so you don’t have to keep going in and out of the house?

There are outdoor kitchen set-ups that have a counter with storage below, including a mini-fridge. Some of these also have sinks with running water. The best part is the grill being built right into the counter. If you are a serious home cook who entertains, wow your guests with an outdoor pizza oven!

5. Add a Fire Pit

One of the best outdoor features to enhance a yard is a fire pit. Imagine sitting around an attractively contained wood fire with your feet up on a cool evening. You could be enjoying adult beverages with friends or making s’mores with the kids.

You can purchase a premade fire pit that is like a giant metal bowl. Or, you could have a custom pit built of natural stone with a generous perimeter cap for resting your feet while relaxing in Adirondack chairs. There are fire pit designs to meet every budget and every design aesthetic.