For many DIYers, painting seems like an easy way to transform your indoor or outdoor space. Just grab some paint and a brush – and get to work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to realize that painting is a bit more challenging and a bigger job than it looks – especially if you are seeking professional results. 

Outsourcing your painting projects to the pros can give you the best outcome. Not only will you have access to their expertise, but it will also save you time and allow you to avoid any unwanted hassles along the way, too.  

When you are ready to move forward on your next painting project, here is your ultimate guide to hiring a painting contractor.

Plan Out Your Project

Having an idea of what it is you are trying to accomplish is always a good idea before you begin your quest for a painting contractor. Maybe you don’t know the exact color or the best way to complete the project, but it is important to be able to share what it is your project entails in a general sense. For example, do you want your living room walls painted? Or are you just looking to have your exterior trim painted?

Knowing the scope of your project when you are reaching out to painting contractors can help you find the right one to meet your needs while also giving you the most accurate estimate. 

Find Locally Trusted Painting Contractors

Do your research to find painting contractors near you. This may mean discussing your project with family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors to see if anyone knows of or has experience with a painting contractor. 

A Google search can always bring up local professional painters. For instance, if you live in Roseville, CA, then look for Roseville Painters. Keeping things local with a company that has established itself within the community, is often a great choice. 

Always check online reviews. Bear in mind that everyone is bound to have a bad day and post a negative review from time to time. Don’t discount a painter due to a handful of negative reviews. Instead, look for patterns. If most are positive, then this is a good sign. 

Ask the Right Questions

Painting contractors know that you need to trust them to get the job done right before you hire them. So, it is common that you will have some questions. The key is knowing what to ask to ensure you are hiring nothing but the best.

 A few questions to consider include: 

  • Are you licensed and insured? 
  • How long have you been in business? 
  • Do you have references or a portfolio of previous projects? 
  • What type of paint do you recommend? 
  • What precautions do you take to protect the home and belongings? 
  • Are there any other costs outside of the estimate? 
  • How long will this project take? 
  • How soon can you start the project? 
  • Is payment due before or after the project is completed? 
  • Does your work come with a guarantee?

Note that you do not need to ask all of these questions. Rather, they are meant to help you gain an understanding of what information you should want to know before you sign a contract with a painter. 

Do Your Due Diligence and Check the Qualifications

Once you have reached out to a few painters and you have gathered the information necessary to make your decision, such as estimates and answers to the above questions, it is time to do some research. After all, just because a contract claims to be licensed and insured, are they? 

Double-check to protect yourself.  

If you have received references, follow through with checking them out. Look at state databases to confirm that the contractor is licensed. And compare the quotes and background information from the contractors you talked to. 

Narrow down your selection until you know who you want to hire. 

And, of course, always listen to your instincts. How easy was it to communicate with them? Who do you feel understands your project best? Sometimes following your gut and going with the family-run painting business provides you with a greater overall experience than going with large, corporate-run companies. 

Hiring Your Painting Contractor

When you are ready to hire your paint contractor, don’t sign any contract until you review it and understand the terms. Be sure to discuss the payment structure and keep a record of conversations you have had, the painting project itself, as well as important information about your contractor, including license and insurance information. 

It won’t be long until your completed project transforms your space with a fresh coat of paint. 

TRICO PAINTING is a professional team of painters in the Roseville, CA area. A family-owned business with extensive experience, they offer high-end residential painting, including exterior, interior, and cabinets.