When considering upgrades to your home that are a good return on investment, replacement windows top that list. Window upgrades offer much more than a fresh exterior appearance and a bright interior. There is no reason to spend a fortune when replacing your windows. Prize Windows has a variety of solutions to meet your stylistic needs and budget.


Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Windows


There are so many benefits to replacing your aging and leaky windows. The biggest reason is that the initial investment has only positive results. Here are some major benefits of window replacement.


Increased Curb Appeal


New home windows instantly enhance the beauty of your house for both you and a potential buyer. With Prize Windows, you have many colors and grid options to choose from. We will work with your personal style and aesthetic to increase the curb appeal of your home. The appearance will be fresh and new inside and out.


Improved Interior Comfort and Health


A drafty home, due to windows that are poorly insulated or not fitting well, can contribute to cold interiors in winter and warm humid spaces in summer. Older single-paned windows don’t adequately control heat transfer as well as our newer double and triple-glazed windows with argon gas-filled cavities. Replacement windows will ensure that your home remains at a consistent temperature all four seasons.


Windows that fit securely and close tightly can improve indoor air quality by reducing pollen, humidity, pollutants, and insects from entering your home. The result is fewer allergies, less asthma, and possibly a reduction in bacterial infections. With our windows that have internal blinds, you won’t encourage dust to build up on window coverings. A build-up of dust can cause additional health issues.


If you live in a noisy area, replacement windows can offer a beneficial barrier to noise pollution from things like traffic, sirens, barking dogs, and landscaping equipment. Your home environment will be quieter and you will get better rest at night.


Better Energy Efficiency and Lower Maintenance


Newer home windows are more energy efficient. These can significantly reduce stress on your HVAC system and in turn, reduce monthly utility costs. Low-E, argon gas-filled windows are now the industry standard and come with Energy Star certification. Our windows offer better insulating value than older wood windows.


When you replace aging wood windows with newer vinyl or vinyl-clad windows, this eliminates the need for periodic painting of the exterior and/or interior window sashes. Window cleaning is also much easier with our tilting double-hung units that can be maintained from the home interior without the need to use a ladder on the exterior.


Is Window Replacement Worth the Expense?


There might not be any better home improvement project than window replacement in terms of return on investment (ROV). Not only will your home have a better exterior appearance and a fresher feeling inside, but it can also save on your energy costs and free you of timely and costly maintenance. When you decide to sell your home, upgraded windows will increase its value.


By Daniel