As a business owner, few things can spell trouble like finding a rat running across the floor. Seeing even a single rodent is bad news since this typically indicates a bigger infestation or problem is underway. If you ignore the problem, then the rodents can scare away customers and generate thousands of dollars worth of damage in a short time. Taking these actions helps to keep your business free of rodents, which keeps your property safe for everyone who enters the building – clients and employees alike.


Implement Proper Sanitation and Hygiene Practices

Rodents invade businesses in an attempt to secure food, warmth and a place to make their nests. One of the easiest ways to deter rodent activity is to keep your property clean. Make sure your employees take out the trash regularly and clean up any food messes.


Discourage Clutter

Office buildings might not have a lot of food available for rodents, but they have other things that mice and rats want. Paper clutter is perfect for rodents to shred to create nests. Alternatively, warehouses are filled with boxes and packing supplies that rodents also love. Clearing out the clutter reduces access to nesting materials for rodents, and you’ll find it easier to detect pest activity in general.


Identify and Seal All Hidden Entry Points

Most likely, you already try to keep rodents out by keeping doors shut and making sure that any windows that open have screens. As an additional step, you’ll want to work with a wildlife removal company to identify rodent entry points that aren’t always so obvious. Professional rodent control technicians know how to find all of the little hiding places that squirrels and rats use to access a building. Once they locate holes and cracks, the technician can then seal them off to stop current pest activity and prevent future infestations.


Keep the Exterior Property Free of Attractants

Food trash isn’t the only thing that attracts rodents. Allowing tree limbs to grow too close to the roof of your property makes it easier for rodents to crawl from a branch and onto the roof. Piles of leaves may also serve as a hiding place for rodents who can then quickly scamper inside when someone opens the door. Focusing on outdoor maintenance helps to prevent rodents from discovering or making new entry points.


Plan for Regular Inspections

Wildlife control companies tend to find it easier to eliminate smaller infestations rather than ones that have invaded every room in a building. Make sure to inspect your property regularly for signs of rodent activity, such as finding droppings. If you do spot a concern, then act quickly to address the issue before it gets out of hand.


Dealing with a major rodent infestation can hurt your business. While no one likes spotting a mouse, it’s best to respond with action rather than fear. Calling in a pro to get rid of existing rodents and implementing a new preventative plan is the most effective way to stop critters from interfering with your business operations.

By Daniel