space in the house

While it’s certainly a worthy investment, if you’re going to make some real money in the real estate business, you don’t want to take making a sale lightly. Why? Well, so many things – from networking to a maximized HVAC system – contribute so that there’s a sale and so having a strategy for having things work properly is the way to go.

Take space utilization and design for example, it’s a winning strategy for a reason. Here are 3 tips for you. 

Staged Showcases

You want to create a real emotional bond between potential buyers and your property – it’s one of the easiest ways to stand out – and getting pros to jazz up your place is key. It’s their job to know what clicks with your target buyers so that people see themselves in your space enough to give you their money. 

Hire professionals with real experience who know how to do things like go for neutral colors that anyone can like, but throw in some cozy elements like cushy pillows, and artwork. You also want to look at their past work to gauge if they know to focus on the hotspots like the living room, main bedroom, and kitchen in a way that tells a story and shows off how functional and cool the space is.

Really, staging a living room with a plush sofa, a coffee table with art books, and strategically placed lighting means transforming it into a cozy reading nook or an entertainment area that potential buyers are impressed by. 

Virtual Reality Tours

There’s a way to significantly increase your number of buyers and it’s simpler than you’d think – virtual reality tours. It’s bringing the property to them, and it really means a win for out-of-towners or international folks. Plus, it’s a way to immerse and impress even your local buyers.

So, you want to use specialized cameras to capture high-quality, 360-degree images of each room and key areas of the property, hand out VR headsets for an immersive virtual walkthrough of the property, and host virtual tours on your website or popular real estate platforms so that everything is easily accessible to a wide audience. 

Imagine a serious buyer in a different city who’s eyeing your space. A VR headset means they can virtually wander around the house, checking out details like they’re there in person and saving them a trip. Ultimately, chances are that they put in an offer. 

Collaborative Design Sessions

Letting buyers put their stamp on the place is a winning idea. And collaborative design sessions aren’t just about customizing – they’re about buyers really picturing the space in the way they want. 

So, you want to get an interior designer or architect to have a one-on-one with potential buyers at the property – a personalized design pow-wow. In fact, lay out a bunch of choices, from paint colors to flooring and fixtures, and use tech to show off real-time visuals of their picks for instant gratification.

For example, maybe your space has a kitchen that’s somewhat outdated. Imagine what a hit it would be if buyers could chat with a designer, picking out modern fixtures and sleek countertops and see instant visuals of how the kitchen could really glow up. 

Staging, virtual reality tours, collaborative design sessions – you want to try out these strategies if you’re going to make some real money in the real estate market.