How to Use Challenge Coins to Reward Real Estate Employees

Running a successful real estate business is a team effort. Part of that team includes the employees. To keep employees committed to the effort and to increase productivity, it’s a good idea to recognize the hard work from time to time. One way to do that is through the use of challenge coins.

All branches of the military use challenge coins to recognize exemplary service. Now, challenge coins can be used by employers to do the same thing. Here are five ways real estate employers can use challenge coins to reward their employees.

Outstanding Performance

Exceptional performance is something that should be recognized in the workplace. But, it’s not always easy to find the appropriate way to reward this type of performance. That’s one of the benefits of the challenge coin.

Challenge coins are an excellent way for employers to reward performance that goes beyond the normal job description. Not only do challenge coins reward outstanding performance, they also encourage others to improve their performance as well.

Recognizing Retirement

Longevity is something to be rewarded in the workplace. That’s especially important when certain milestones are met, such as retirement. Many employers offer a framed certificate to commemorate years of service milestones. But, challenge coins go beyond that.

Because challenge coins can be customized, real estate employers can provide a lasting keepsake to reward longevity. These same challenge coins can also be used to recognize years of service. That way, when an employee retires, they have a collection of challenge coins to commemorate their years of service to the company.

Employee of the Month

Reward systems are an excellent way for employers to recognize their employees. Many real estate employers recognize one employee each month, each quarter, and each year. Challenge coins are a unique way to reward these employees for a job well done. Customized challenge coins can be designed for each reward.

That way, employees receive a challenge coin that recognizes them for their status as the employee of the month, quarter, or year. These coins can be displayed to encourage outstanding work ethics and increase productivity.

Team-Building Efforts

Teamwork should be rewarded in the workplace. Effective teamwork can improve employee morale and provide a positive work environment. One way to promote teamwork is to provide opportunities for team-building tasks.

Challenge coins can be used to reward real estate teams that work well together to overcome the challenges they face. When teams are rewarded for their efforts, they’ll look forward to other opportunities to work as a team.

Additional Training

Training is something that keeps real estate employees at peak performance. But, training also helps employees reach new goals, including opportunities for advancement. Rewards help encourage employees to stretch themselves and increase their opportunities.

This can be done through on-the-job training, vocational certificate programs, or continuing education through college programs. Real estate employers can use challenge coins to recognize the time their employees put into furthering their education and training.

Real estate employers can increase productivity, morale, and retention by rewarding exemplary behavior. Challenge coins are an excellent way to expand employee reward systems and raise office morale.