6 Ways to Make Moving Across the Country Easier on Yourself

Moving can be a terrific time to downsize and clear out items that no longer serve you. Take care to start early in the sorting process. Packing doesn’t take a lot of brain power, but making decisions about what to take and what to leave can be exhausting. Use the tips below to make sure that your move is simple and efficient.

1) Make a Map

If possible, make a map of your new space. Number the rooms in your new space and walk through your home, noting what possessions will go in each space. Carry a tape measure and note the size of each piece of furniture you want to take with you.

This map can actually spark your creativity. If you have a lovely chest of drawers that you don’t have bedroom space for, perhaps it can become a sideboard in your dining area. With knowledge of the dimensions of what you’re taking, you can avoid having to buy new furniture in your next home.

2) Be Ruthless About Decluttering

Set aside time each morning in the weeks leading up to your move to sort through your possessions. Enter each space with multiple containers and be ruthless about items to be sold or donated. Make sure that the possessions that get packed for the move are items that you regularly use or truly enjoy.

It’s important that you not confuse decluttering with minimalism. Every item that goes on the moving truck will cost you, both in moving fees and fuel. Take items that you relish. Sell or donate items that simply no longer please you.

3) Having a Moving Sale

It may be tempting to try to sell items individually on various platforms. However, this means that you have to manage these items, package them individually, and get them shipped. A moving sale will take just a few days. You can donate items that don’t sell.

4) Rent a Portable Storage Container

Part of the mess of moving is having to move boxes multiple times once you get them packed. Instead, you can rent a portable storage container and load it as you pack.

Build a helpful marking habit. Keep a heavy-duty marker in your pocket as you pack and label the top and at least two sides of each box that you pack. If you created a numbering system with your mapping process, number each container so boxes can be dropped off in the right room at your destination.

5) Hire Movers for the Heavy Stuff

It only takes one back spasm on moving day to completely derail your plans. Hire movers. They’ve got the necessary tools to manage the heavy stuff. They also have the necessary insurance to cover the risk of damage to people and property.

6) Get Your New Place Professionally Cleaned

Talk with your realtor or rental manager about getting your new place cleaned before you move in. Note if this has been done before you unload the truck. Check windowsills. Look in the oven and the bottom of the refrigerator. Unpack in confidence.

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you can stay organized. Portable storage will get boxes out of your way so you can keep going. A freshly cleaned house will make settling in that much quicker.