7 Ideas for Hosting a Holiday Party Your Guests Will Enjoy

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to begin thinking about the social events we will be attending and the ones we will be hosting. If you are the type to stress about how to host the perfect holiday party, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of seven ideas for hosting a holiday party your guests will enjoy.

1. Cater to Dietary Needs

In the modern age, it’s nearly impossible to host a party without someone in the room dealing with a food allergy. To be a good host or hostess, you want them to feel comfortable eating the food you serve. Rather than requiring guests to find you and ask what a dish includes, a simple solution is to provide decorative labels that include basic information such as the name of the dish and whether it contains a known allergen or not. You can match your labels with your theme and make them as homemade or as professionally designed as you feel meets your needs.

2. Create a Vaping Station

With so much of the population vaping now, it makes sense to find a way to incorporate vaping into your holiday gathering. One way to do exactly that is to create a vaping station somewhere within your party venue. This station doesn’t have to be simply a space for friends and family to vape in peace. Perhaps you could offer complimentary holiday-flavored juices as part of your station setup. No matter how you arrange it, your vaping guests will surely appreciate your consideration.

3. Incorporate Music

What party is complete without a great playlist? Choose music that matches your party theme, the mood you want to set, or the tastes of your guests. Whatever tunes you choose, creating your playlist in advance will allow you to spend your time mingling with your guests rather than playing deejay.

4. Give Guests Creative Input

As children, many of us read those Choose Your Own Adventure books and loved the power we had to control the ending. Now, as adults, we can bring that same sense of adventure to our holiday gatherings by allowing our guests to help set the theme. Or, perhaps, you could have guests contribute to the food by making the party an elevated potluck. Have a taco bar where each guest brings their favorite taco topping. Ideas for including guests are endless.

5. Give Back Together

There’s no time like the holidays to activate the spirit of giving in each of us. Many charities up their efforts to gather donations during the festive season. Why not set up a toy or food drive for one of your local charities as part of your holiday gathering?

6. Create a Coffee/Hot Chocolate Bar

In many areas, the holiday season comes with cooler weather. Cooler weather means many people will be looking for something warm to drink to keep the cold at bay. Set up a corner with hot chocolate or coffee with all the trimmings. Young and old alike can appreciate the effort to provide a warm beverage.

7. Create a Signature Cocktail

For the adults in the room, party time often means cocktail time. Take your party a step beyond the typical mixed drink by creating a signature cocktail for your event. Write your recipe down on festive cards, and allow guests to take a copy of the cocktail recipe home as a party favor.

Creating a party that guests enjoy simply requires a little thought on the host’s part. We hope these seven ideas have given you a starting point for your next holiday party.