6 Helpful Tips for Choosing Which Moving Company to Use

Transporting your belongings from one location to another when you’re moving weighs heavily on your mind. It causes a lot of stress, so you want to have a moving company handle all of your belongings with care. This article has six helpful tips to consider when choosing a moving company that will save you headaches and trouble on moving day.

1- Checking to Ensure the Company is Legit

Everything we do concerning business should always start with extensive research. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the first place to begin for ratings, complaints, reviews, and if the company is still an active business. It is the primary source to follow, but other sites like Google Business, The Yellow Pages, Yelp, and more will give you more insight into whether you can consider the company for moving.

2- Look for a DOT Number and Insurance

If a moving company is registered, it will have a DOT Number as a commercial moving vehicle. Any other company may be legitimate but lack professionalism and adequate insurance. You want to coverage in all of these categories. It is critical to notice how the moving business sets itself up because it will inform you how they will handle your belongings. The insurance must be sufficient in case of accidents to cover any losses.

3- Top Three Estimates

Sometimes, customers will get ahead of themselves and go for what glitters. Shopping around is a must. Businesses are competitive, and having three estimates from different companies will help to determine pricing and insurance coverage. It will also save you from additional charges because some moving companies will have promotional sales or discounts. Always ask about these things because you may be going for quality assurance, but cost significantly affects the outcome.

4- Ask Plenty of Questions

The moving business’s job is to answer questions and have their customer completely understand what the service entails. There is no question you should overlook. If you have concerns about the service, insurance, hidden costs, or more, ask them before signing anything. Remember, the final price must abide by the original estimate, but you still must read the fine print. Never assume.

5- Planning and Knowing Your Responsibilities

You must know your routine and plan on the day of moving. You should know what the moving company expects from you. For example, they will move stuff like dishes and other breakable items. However, you may be responsible for wrapping the objects while boxing them up. Some moving companies will do this for an extra charge but do not assume again because you may be scurrying at the last minute.

6- How Does the Moving Company Charge?

Payment is the fine line area for all parties to align agreements. Knowing how the moving company charges is critical because they can charge by mile, by area, how many vehicles and trips, and more. Knowing all of these issues will help you choose the right moving company and will not leave you blindsighted in the end. Clarity on the payment structure ensures a transparent and fair transaction, allowing both parties to align expectations and avoid misunderstandings. It’s essential to discuss and confirm the pricing details with the moving company beforehand to make an informed decision that suits your budget and requirements.