4 Reasons Why Engineers Should Plan Residential Building Remodels

Home additions and extensions increased by a whopping 52% during the COVID pandemic, according to this report by CNBC. Post-pandemic, things have started up again, and more and more homeowners are considering taking on new remodeling projects.

But before you begin your search for a renovation contractor, you need to consider which other professionals you should consult like an engineer. An engineer can identify potential problems with the plans and ensure the safety of your home. The following are four reasons why engineers should plan residential building remodels.

1. Consider Structural Changes

A remodel typically involves making additions and doing away with certain areas of the home. During the remodel, the structural load of your home will change with every addition or expansion.

Involving a building engineer from the get-go guarantees that nothing will go wrong. Their role here will be to confirm whether the building plans will affect the home’s foundation. The engineer will use their expertise to establish whether the additions/removals are load-bearing. You can use their assessment report to determine what upgrades to make or do away with.

2. Spot Structural Damages

Remodels come in varying forms. But whether you want to add a bathroom, knock down a bedroom wall, or give the kitchen a makeover, you must consider potential structural damages. A building engineer can help you know which issues to look for in a home.

Failure to do so could see the entire building or parts of it collapsing during the remodel because of existing structural issues. Some of the things that the engineer will look out for when planning the remodel include constant moisture, cracks in your walls, uneven floors, and sticky doors and windows, all of which might indicate shifting ground. Identifying these issues early on in the project allows for better planning.

3. To Supervise the Home Remodel

A building engineer does more than look for structural damages; they also help with project supervision. Having an engineer on site means they will be in charge of supervising everything being done in your home and coordinating with the subcontractors.

Whether it’s basic maintenance or detailed construction, every person working on your remodel should account for all their actions. The engineer’s role is to ensure that all workers are proficient with their work tools and that they have the right personal protection equipment (PPE).

4. For Project Management and to Ensure Compliance

Once you receive the green light to begin construction, there’s still a lot that you must do. An engineer can take on the project management roles to ensure that nothing slips by unnoticed. Theirs is to make sure the remodel goals are met.

Besides providing leadership to the various teams on site, an engineer can also make sure that health and safety requirements and legal guidelines are met. While at it, they will also provide progress reports, ensuring you’re appraised of everything happening with the remodel.

These are just four reasons why you should let licensed engineers plan your residential remodel. While there are many others, the most important thing to note is that engineers are there to make sure your remodel complies with industry standards!