Our industry barometer polls our market participants throughout the year, providing insights into the preferences and intentions of real asset developers, managers, owners and investors.

The annual market report for 2019 was delayed, so we have taken the opportunity to include H1 2020 updates within it, highlighting where trends have been sustained or overturned.

Some of the key findings in the report are that:

· Across 2019, over half of sponsors (53%) favoured high risk strategies – an increase in risk appetite on the previous year. But this changed in H1 2020.

· There was little change in asset class investment plans among sponsors in 2019 (or in H1 2020), with residential still the forerunner.

· Capital growth remained top investment objective, nominated by almost half of all investors. But there were interesting variations by country.

· Sponsors’ interest in investing in the UK dropped notably over 2019. Still, it remained top geographic preference and was bouncing back by year end…

By brickvestcom

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