8 Affordable Gift Ideas to Celebrate a Friend's New House

When someone you know moves to a new place, it’s always a nice gesture to give a small housewarming gift. Not only will this help your friend get set up in their new house, but they will always be reminded of you anytime they use or see your gift. For best results, choose gifts that are either functional, pretty to look at, or both. Here are some affordable ideas to help you find the perfect housewarming present.

1. Home Improvement Gift Card

If your friend is also a new homeowner, a gift card to their local home improvement store will always be appreciated. After moving in, most new owners will spend the first several weeks or even months painting rooms, fixing sinks, or landscaping the yard. They may also be short on cash after making such a big purchase, so a gift card to Home Depot or Lowe’s can help lessen the burden of creating their ideal space.

2. Wine Glasses

For a friend who loves to entertain, consider a simple set of matching wine glasses. A set of four or six glasses is especially useful if your friend likes to invite the whole crew over for dinner. For bonus points, you can bring along a bottle of their favorite wine for toasting the new place.

3. Charcuterie Board

A wooden charcuterie board is one of those indulgent things people rarely buy for themselves, so it can make a great housewarming gift. Choose a board that is broad enough to hold a substantial spread but compact enough to store easily. To personalize this gift even more, consider laser-etching or branding their initials into the wood.

4. Scented Candles

Help create a luxurious atmosphere in the new home by gifting a quality, scented candle. Whether they’re setting up a romantic, candlelit dinner at home or experiencing a nighttime power outage, your friend will be grateful to have this gift within easy reach.

5. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can have a therapeutic effect on your mood and body, promote restful sleep, and look extra cozy draped over the end of the sofa. Moving can be stressful, so a weighted blanket can be a thoughtful gift to help your friend unwind at the end of the day.

6. Custom Coasters

If your friend has also purchased a new coffee table to go with their new place, coasters will help protect their investment from rings and other forms of discoloration. Customized coasters will have more sentimental value than a generic set, so feel free to get creative. Some possible ideas include coasters with family photos, hand-knitted coasters, or monogrammed coasters.

7. Potted Plant

Houseplants are very trendy right now, and they conveniently fit into any decorating aesthetic. The best plants will be accessible, easy to care for, and affordable. Some good choices include the rubber tree, snake plant, or pothos plant.

8. Heavy-Duty Bakeware

Inaugurate your friend’s new kitchen with some heavy-duty bakeware. Look for versatile pieces, such as a Dutch oven for making stews, breads, roasts, and more. Adding a bundle of fresh herbs, a recipe card, or some elegant tea towels can help make this gift extra special.