cleaning and packing

While it can be sad when we find out a friend or loved one is moving away, there is so much that you can do to help them during this time. Not only can your help and assistance be beneficial in keeping your relationship strong, but it can also help make their life a whole lot easier during the stress of a move.

To help you learn just what can be done, aside from actually helping them carry around their belongings, to help during a move, here are three ways that you can help and support a friend who’s moving. 

Lend A Hand With Packing And Cleaning

A big part of moving that you can help with is the packing and cleaning of the old house. This can take an individual person a lot of time to do on their own. But if you’re there to help them, the packing and cleaning can often be done at a much quicker rate. 

When it comes to packing, make sure you speak with your friend about what packing help they need. This could range from gathering their belongings from around the house, finding packing materials to bring to their home, or physically putting their stuff in boxes and helping them keep everything labeled and organized. 

As for the cleaning, most homes have to be cleaned after the resident moves out. This can be something that you can help with, either doing some of the cleaning yourself or helping with the hiring of someone to do the cleaning for them. Along with this, if there is other work that needs to be done around the house before it will be move-in ready for the next tenants, you can help get those things taken care of too, from hiring a painter to getting the lawn mowed. 

Take Care Of Their Donations

For many people, moving is a good excuse to look through what they have and figure out what they can sell or donate so that they don’t have to pack it along with them during the move. But in the midst of everything else, finding the time to sell their stuff or bringing it somewhere to donate can be a headache. This is where you can come in. 

If you know your friend has items to sell or donate, offer to take care of this for them. This could even be a great surprise for them if you give them the extra cash they made from selling their belongings after they move into their new house. 

Bring Them Food

Packing and moving is hard work. And once all of the kitchen stuff is packed, it can be hard to make your own meals at home. But rather than resorting to fast food for each meal, consider bringing food over for your friend or loved one as their moving day gets closer. This can be a great way to help them keep their energy up and help them know that you’re looking out for them. 

If you want to support and help your friend who’s moving, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above as their move gets more imminent.