Real estate has had its ups and downs in the last few years but one state that is really booming is Florida. The real estate market here is being fueled by the increase in population that the state has seen in the past ten years. From the largest cities to the smallest neighborhoods, home value is climbing, making Florida the ideal place for movers and first-time homeowners alike. Let’s explore more about moving to Florida below.

There have been several changes to life in the Sunshine State that are factors to the state’s success in recent years. Remote work has become more accessible, and the temperate weather makes for a perfect climate for lovers of all seasons. The driving force behind the growth in the real estate market here, however, is the changes in housing accessibility and demand. In 2023, new building applications for housing reached nearly 135,000, and the average home price hit an all time low. 

As the demand for living in Florida continues to grow, more services and third party groups are becoming available to guide movers. These services help ease the overwhelming amount of information that can be out there for potential movers. No matter the level or need for support, hopeful homeowners are never alone.

Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?