Moving can be chaotic, and packing up the kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice healthy eating. There are plenty of healthy foods that you can eat when the kitchen has been packed away and you are getting ready for moving day.


Load up on fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables not only give you the boost of energy that you need, but they are perfect for small spaces. There are also plenty of fruits and even vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated, so you can keep the fruit bowl loaded in order to eat on the go. Stock up on items like apples, bananas, oranges, carrot sticks, and celery. A jar of peanut butter can also come in handy to make these snacks even more delicious.


Healthy snacks are essential

There are plenty of snacks that you can keep on hand even when the kitchen has been packed. Containers of nuts, oats, dried fruits, crackers, and protein bars will be great. They can easily be kept on the counter and are easily reachable, require little to no preparation, and can be eaten while working on other important activities. Consider keeping things handy such as containers of trail mix, veggie chips, pretzels, rice cakes, and granola.


Healthy meals to eat on-the-go

In addition to snacks, you’ll also need plenty of healthy meal ideas for when the kitchen is packed. Keep a container of yogurt in the refrigerator for a quick and easy breakfast that can be mixed with fruit or granola. Bagels are another essential item to have on hand and can be eaten without being toasted first. Healthy low-sugar or whole grain muffins are another essential item that can be easily stored without taking up space and require no preparation.


For a quick and easy, but still healthy meal, turn to a healthy sandwich as a delicious sandwich. Whole-grain bread is easily stored on the kitchen counter for easy access, and a variety of items can be used, such as tomato slices, peanut butter, jam, or jelly. Enjoy this with some healthy vegetable chips to give yourself all the energy you need to tackle the rest of the activities for the day. Remember that there are a number of options including low-sugar fruit tarts, pork rinds, and seaweed snacks that also make for excellent meal options.


Dinner in a small space does not have to be intimidating. Making sure you have the right tools is essential, so even if the kitchen is packed, put aside paper plates and forks and keep a small to medium-sized cooler handy for items such as cheese, sliced meats, and milk. Keep some pita bread readily available for another healthy mealtime on-the-go option, and are extremely versatile to accommodate different tastes and needs.


Moving day can be stressful, but fortunately eating on the go doesn’t have to be. With the proper essentials, you can make the most out of any mealtime even when your favorite basic kitchen tools are already packed away.

By Daniel