3 Things Your Home Needs To Feel Homey

If you’ve ever entered someone’s home that just felt like a warm, welcoming space but then returned to your own home where that feeling couldn’t be found, you’ll be glad to know that there are things that you can add or change about your space to help bring that homey feeling into your own home. And while some of these feelings are going to be there because of the mood and overall atmosphere of the space, you can help to spur these things along with the design and decor elements that you choose to include.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three things your home needs to feel homey from a design and decor standpoint.

Warmth In Bedding And Linens

When you think of a homey home, what temperature do you envision this space being? In most instances, being in a homey space can feel like being wrapped up in a warm blanket. So with this in mind, you should think about the bedding and linens that you’re using within your home to determine if they’re adding to or taking away from the homey feeling you’re going for.

To use bedding and linens to get this feeling, you’ll want to choose fabrics that are particularly snuggly. Especially in places like on your couch, on beds, and with your rugs, going with fabrics that are thick, warm, and soft can help to make the entire space feel much more homey. So if the fabrics you’re currently using wouldn’t fall into this category, this is one of the first places where you might want to make a change.

Inviting Seating

While you definitely want to feel safe and warm when you enter your house, your goal should also be for others to feel this when they’re visiting your house, too. One way that this can be accomplished is to create spaces that have very inviting seating options.

To do this, you’ll want to choose furniture that fits well in your space and that gives people room to easily move around. This will keep them from feeling cramped or stuck in a certain area. As for how you position the furniture, you’ll want pieces situated so that conversation can easily be facilitated. The more it appears that you want people to enter the space and stay awhile with you, the more welcoming and inviting your home as a whole will feel to them.

An Abundance Of Plants And Flowers

As far as how you decorate your home in order to make it feel homey, some things that you should seek to include more than you likely already are are plants and flowers.

For many people, being outside and in nature is a reprieve for them. So if you can bring these same feelings into your home by incorporating more plants and flowers in your space, this feeling of rest and relaxation will be found in your home as well.

When doing this, remember to not just focus all of your attention on the living spaces. While it’s great to have plants and flowers in the living space, rooms like the bedrooms and bathrooms should also have plants and flowers in them as well. This way, no matter where you or your guests go in your home, these natural feelings of calm and welcome will be present. Plus, people may subconsciously know that they’ll be well cared for in your home if you have evidence that your plants or other living creatures are well cared for, too.

If you want your family and other guests to enter your home and instantly get a homey vibe from the space, consider using the tips mentioned above to make some simple changes to achieve this goal.