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What Does the Growing Market in Nashville Mean for Investors?

Investors should think about Nashville while deciding where to invest in real estate. It isn’t difficult to attract people to a city with a thriving economy, a thriving tourism sector, adjacent suburbs abounding in investment prospects, and businesses migrating to the area and creating thousands of employment. Nashville, like the rest of the nation, has a housing supply issue, which means there is a ton of potential for real estate investors there.

Nashville is one of the four metro regions with the lowest average number of days on the market, according to the RE/MAX National Housing Report for May 2021. Most importantly, Nashville properties reportedly stayed on the market for 12 days before being sold. In contrast, the survey revealed that it typically took 28 days for a home to sell countrywide. Therefore, even while the number of single-family permits in the region is increasing, Nashville continues to be one of the nation’s top seller’s markets, making it ideal for real estate investors looking to develop new houses to sell.

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The housing market

The housing market in Metro Nashville has been suffering the same scorching seller’s market as the rest of the nation. In Nashville and across the country, buyers frequently engage in bidding wars and submit offers that are significantly more than the asking price for popular houses and communities. Nashville draws real estate investors for a number of reasons, but location is at the top of the list. Real estate investments in Nashville often lead to surrounding investment opportunities. Some of Middle Tennessee’s most well-known neighborhoods, including The Gulch, East Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro, are near to Music City.

Nashville is attractive

Nashville is attractive to real estate investors for a number of reasons, including its location and high national rankings. The top cities for the 2021 housing market predictions include Tennessee’s capital city.

Nashville was ranked in a recent research on Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2022 as follows:

Best overall real estate chances are in third place.

10th – Prospects for homebuilding

Magnet markets, or cities with quicker growth rates than the national average, rank 11th.

Overall investor demand is third.

Nashville was ranked third in the nation by for having the newest homes for sale, with 35.4% of listings being constructed in 2000 or later. Having 21% of its listings be modern homes, Nashville was also placed second in the nation for cities with the most homes built since 2016. Nashville has continued to see a rise in the number of new built residences after COVID. Permits for single-family development rose by 8% from 2020.

According to Kevin Wilson, Vice President of Greater Nashville Realtors, “builders have a great deal of confidence in our market right now. We are unable to meet the market’s demand, which is the issue.

Wilson claimed that new building largely met the need. Nashville has a long history of having a municipal government that was very pro-development and pro-business and that did a great job of luring firms to the area, and I believe that contributed to the economic boom.

New Headquarters for Amazon means better real estate prices

One issue has been on everyone’s mind ever since Amazon revealed its intention to establish a new office in Nashville: how will it affect the city, which is already undergoing tremendous change?

The IT juggernaut announced in 2018 that it would be moving to Nashville and creating 5,000 new jobs. The well-known online shop, which has a location in the heart of Nashville close to The Gulch, stands to gain $102 million in combined state and local incentives for settling in Music City. Real estate investors started preparing to invest more in Tennessee’s capital city once Amazon’s ambitions were revealed.

The creation of 5,000 employment, with average annual wages of $150,000, will probably result in an increase in housing costs. Depending on the neighborhoods and home types that Amazon fills and the hiring practices it uses, certain areas may be more in demand than others. Over a seven-year period, Amazon aims to hire 180 new employees on average, so the effects won’t be immediate. Nashville will be able to handle the expansion brought on by the coming of Amazon thanks to the staggered hiring, which also gives time for new building to begin in order to fulfill the city’s housing demands.

Affordable Housing

For real estate investors, particularly those searching for chances to invest in corporate housing, single-family and multifamily housing investment options will be the most advantageous. Amazon committed $2 billion in February to the construction of affordable housing in Nashville and other cities where the business has at least 5,000 employees or anticipates having at least that many

The frequently criticized “Amazon effect” and how it may affect Nashville’s already-booming population have raised some concerns. The arrival of 45,000 additional residents as a result of Amazon’s opening of its headquarters in Seattle prompted the housing market and cost of living to soar, making Seattle one of the most expensive cities in the nation.

Nashville won’t likely experience the same problems because Amazon’s plan will be implemented over a number of years, allowing the city and its housing market enough time to stabilize. Officials are also certain that Nashville won’t have the same problems as Seattle because of its infrastructure’s superior capacity to manage a population increase.