Whether you’ve been in your home for a long time or just want to make a few changes, your renovation process can be simple. Make sure you’ve defined the aesthetic of your home and matched it to colors, textures, and features that you like best.


Innovative Renovation Ideas to Modernize Your Home


Modernizing can add to the efficiency of any home without taking away from the current aesthetic. For example, if you have a large living room featuring leather furniture, you might consider adding texture through throws, pillows, or rugs to warm up the space.


Working with natural materials, from sisal on the floor to sheepskin throws on your brown leather sofa, can warm up a space that was previously looking rather isolated and cold. If you love to decorate, these items can easily be swapped out seasonally for a cost-effective change.


How to Incorporate Contemporary Design Elements


One of the most popular contemporary design elements is flow. If your home is older and there’s a door between the kitchen and dining area, it may be wise to talk with construction experts about opening up that wall.


Another exciting feature of contemporary design is a sense of open, uncluttered design. Think hard about what you find beautiful. If you truly love flowers, your home aesthetic could include always having a fresh bouquet on your dining room table. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean cold, spartan and empty. You can use this expansive design style to feature the items that help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Integrating Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Materials in Your Remodel


From the outside in, review the architecture of your home. If your home is a single-story, it may be well suited to cottage colors. Your renovation can include white paint on the trim and doors, light colors on the walls, and transparent window coverings. Once this palette is created, you can add pops of color with natural materials.


Antique wood pieces can often be quite durable and serve in a variety of settings. An antique bureau can serve as a sideboard in your dining room. Rather than buying new furniture, you may be able to find mid-century modern items or older ones to decorate your living space. As you recycle and upcycle older pieces, consider investing in fuel-efficient upgrades, such as new windows or even siding to keep your energy consumption low.


Choosing the Right Color Schemes and Materials For a Fresh Look


Find a garment that you love. What color is it? If you’re uncertain about choosing paint colors for your home, consider selecting a light shade of that favorite garment in low VOC paint for the walls of your bedroom.


Get the space painted and live with it for a time. As your confidence grows, you may choose to use the same shade in other rooms or choose another color that pleases you. Accent walls are a great way to use a bold shade that you fear may be too strong for an entire room.


Your home is likely filled with items that you chose. If it feels disjointed, finding the right color to suit your favorite possessions may be the best place to start in your decorating journey.

By Daniel