,New furniture can be a big expense. If you’re just starting out, it may be best to save the largest chunk of your furniture budget for the items that will get the most use, like your mattress. If funds are very tight, you can build a desk out of file cabinets and an old door, but soft furnishings will need more consideration.


How to Research the Quality of a Furniture Item


Be willing to disassemble the piece. If you’re considering a chest of drawers at an antique store or a thrift shop, pull the drawers out. Study how they’re made. Are they simply nailed together, or are there finger joints connecting the pieces of wood? Is the bottom of the drawer level, or is it starting to sag?


A well-built older piece of furniture can have a lot of uses. An old trunk, well-made, can serve as a coffee table and provide storage. Open the lid and study the hinges. Are they firmly attached, or are there signs of strain or patches behind the screw holes?


If you’re lucky enough to find a sturdy old trunk, you have plenty of options. You can put a tray on it and use it as a coffee table, use it as a bench for extra seating in your dining room, and even put a cushion on it to turn it into a spot to sit while you take off your shoes inside your front door. This charming piece of furniture can save your rugs and carpets!


What Furniture Pieces Should You Invest In?


Furniture that will have to take a lot of weight should be as durable as you can afford. The quality of your mattress will have a huge impact on your health.

Save your furniture budget for chairs, bedroom sets, sofas, and barstools. An old dining room table can be painted or covered with a cloth, but old, rickety chairs will always be uncomfortable. If the glue joints are pulling apart, they can be dangerous.

Don’t waste your furniture budget on items that will immediately show wear. Cheap rugs can be pretty for a year or two, but they will wear quickly and may wear unevenly, making them impossible to clean. Investing in a quality mattress will pay for itself after a few years.


How Quality Pieces Can Last Longer in Your Home


A well-built sofa, sectional, or loveseat will give you a spot to lounge and watch a movie. It will support friends and family alike for years to come.


If you’re planning on having children, it may be a good idea to invest in a piece that has washable covers. Those who love antiques will note that many chairs that have stood the test of time have a simple, visible wooden frame with cushions that can be replaced. Newer versions of these may be the best option while your children are small; just make sure you have plenty of pillows and cushions for comfort.


Sturdy, comfortable furniture will save money in the long run. Live with bare floors and a mismatched dining room table for a time if you must get the best weight-bearing furniture you can afford.

By Daniel