Louisville is a city known for having a very storied and dense history with an even more interesting culture. Fortunately for the modern beer lover, craft beer is no exception to the dynamic nature of the city. There are countless bars and breweries with even more beers to choose from. Here are just a few of the best breweries in Louisville to visit for a good beer.

Starting off with a bit more of an exclusive site, Monnik Beer Co. is well-known in the Schnitzelburg neighborhood. It’s a classy spot, with a full menu, great food selections, a patio, and most importantly Belgian-style beer. Anyone looking for saisons, sours, or tripels can’t go wrong here.

Moving into a more classic Louisville spot, the Falls City Brewing Co. is the longest standing brewery in the city. It’s known today for its culture more than anything. Events like trivia night, chess night, roller racing, and disco’s make it more of an exciting visit than most. Of course, after over 100 years of operation, the beer here also speaks for itself.

Finally, the most infamous spot, and the last to be mentioned, is the Against the Grain Brewery and Public House. This brewery was made explicitly due to its creators’ disappointment in the Louisville brewery scene. It’s a classic spot with burgers, the feel of a dive bar, and rustic charm. The high quality beer and modern touch have made it an instant classic in Louisville. Customers love it, and any lover of beer will too.

These are three of the best places to get a beer in Louisville. It’s not a simple list of the best rated beers. The experiences of these places go much further beyond that. Instead, these are some of the most interesting places for any brewery lover. A classic spot, an upscale Belgian-style classic, and a modern event filled experience.