6 Warning Signs That Your Basement Has Moisture Problems

Moisture in a basement is an issue that no homeowner wants to deal with. Not only can it result in structural issues but it can also result in mold growth, ongoing health problems, and pests. But what are some of the indications that there is a major moisture problem in your basement? What should you take note of so you can act before the problem gets out of hand or gets worse? Here are six warning signs that your basement has moisture problems.

1. The Air Has an Odor or a Sticky Feel

One key sign you shouldn’t ignore if you are looking for signs of moisture in the basement is a notable smell or feel when you’re walking through. Moist basements will often have a musty smell or feel rather humid when you walk into them, indicating underlying moisture and developing damage.

2. Various Materials Are Starting to Soften or Crumble

Have you noticed your walls are feeling soft or harder materials are starting to degrade or crumble? This is a serious sign that moisture has overtaken the basement and started to make its way into a significant portion of the space, which could result in needingfoundation repair if it’s bad enough.

3. You’re Beginning to Notice Mold

An obvious sign but one that shouldn’t be ignored is mold growth. Mold growth might look innocent enough if it’s just concentrated in a single spot, and one might logically chalk it up to something being spilled or a wet area being allowed to stay uninterrupted for too long. However, mold growth should never be shrugged off as it can always be something bigger. You never want to wait until it’s too late to deal with the moisture and you need to make serious repairs.

4. There’s Noticeable Condensation Building Up on Windows

Condensation building up on windows isn’t always a sign of a moisture problem, but it can be if you find that moisture is always on your windows even if no one is down in the basement and there’s no source of heat and water in the area that could be causing it. This could be a sign you miss entirely unless you look for it.

5. White Stains are Covering Your Walls

Moisture tends to leave calcium deposits, and this is something that may happen when water is making its way into the walls of your basement. If you notice white stains that settle in wave patterns, look closer for potential water build-up and damage.

6. Accumulation of Standing Water

The most obvious sign of a moisture problem is standing water. Sometimes caused by floods and other sources of moisture, standing water can appear out of nowhere and do damage fast. More importantly, if standing water starts occurring after storms when it didn’t do so previously, it could indicate underlying damage in the home’s foundation.

A moist basement can cause more issues than you want to deal with. Stay on top of potential moisture problems by keeping your eye out for the six subtle and not-so-subtle warning signs listed above.