6 Storage Tips for Keeping Your Hemp Products at Home

The popularity and demand for hemp products, from creams to oils to topicals and edibles, is growing significantly. Hemp products are used for pain management, stress relief, and even skincare. Although there is limited scientific research, hemp is also used for eczema, constipation, arthritis, and high cholesterol, among other health conditions.

As more people become aware of these incredible advantages, hemp products are becoming more and more popular in homes and daily routines. However, the quality of hemp products can significantly decrease when exposed to heat, light, or humidity. Therefore, if you want to enjoy hemp-based products in their best state and quality, storage is one thing you must do right. Below are six storage tips for keeping your hemp products at home in their best state.

Tip 1: Use Airtight and Opaque Containers

Air and light are two elements that can easily compromise the quality of your hemp products. Store your hemp products in an opaque container and ensure it is always airtight. This way, their freshness will always be preserved and their shelf life extended.

Tip 2: Store in a Dark And Cool Place

While heat weakens the hemp products, light affects their freshness, decreasing their quality significantly. Choose a dark place and away from heat to store these sensitive products. Consider storing them in your pantry or cupboard away from the excess light and heat.

Tip 3: Watch Out and Control the Humidity Levels

Humidity, if not controlled, is another element that may significantly impact your

hemp products. Too much or too little humidity affects the consistency and potency of the hemp products. Use desiccants or humidity packs to ensure the moisture levels are not too high or too low.

Tip 4: Store Away From Strong Smells

If you want your hemp products to maintain their natural aroma, store them away from substances with strong smells, such as spices and cleaning materials. If you keep your hemp products in the pantry or a shared space with similar products, opt for woven baskets to separate them from everything else. The pungent smells can overpower the hemp product’s natural scent.

Tip 5: Label Appropriately and Inspect Them Regularly

Label the containers carrying the hemp products clearly and correctly – the product name and expiry date. In addition, regularly check all your products’ expiry dates to ensure you only use them in their best state and quality. Moreover, expired hemp products may be harmful to the user.

Tip 6: Use Glass or Metal Containers

Use glass or metal containers instead of plastic to maintain your hemp product’s freshness and potency. Unlike plastic containers, glass or metal containers are considered inert; hence, they cannot chemically react with their content, such as hemp products.

As hemp-based products are gaining more popularity in homes, appropriate storage is one of the most important aspects of keeping these products fresh and of high quality. Air, heat, humidity, and sunlight can lower the product’s quality and shelf life. Therefore, adopting strategic hemp product storage techniques such as using opaque glass containers, storing in cool places, and controlling humidity, among others, is the best way to ensure you get the most value from your beneficial hemp products.