6 Effective Ways to Reduce the Clutter in Your Home's Garage

Garages tend to be gathering places for odds and ends. If you do not have a place in the home to put something, you may toss it in the garage. Rather than eventually finding those things a place of their own, they pile up. Soon, you have a cluttered, chaotic mess. When this happens, your garage is less functional, and you may not be able to find a specific item that you need at any given time. De-cluttering a garage is a big project, but you can ease the burden and complete the project faster with the right strategy.

1- Remove Everything From the Garage

In a very cluttered garage, there may simply be no room to work. The best strategy when you start cleaning out a garage is to remove everything. Haul it out onto the driveway. As you do so, it is helpful if you group like items together. For example, create a pile of tools and a separate pile of sporting equipment. This will make it easier to organize your belongings as you put them back in the garage.

2- Donate Unnecessary Items

In many cases, people will find things buried under their clutter that they forgot they had and that they have not seen in years. Generally, if you have not used something in more than a year and do not immediate plans to use it very soon, that item should be donated. An alternative is to sell it. Getting rid of items that you no longer need can free up much-needed space in the garage.

3- Create a Plan

After you have grouped the like items together and pulled out the items that you do not need or want, you are ready to plan your new space. Focus on the number of items in each of your piles as well as the space needed to store them. Remember that you can use vertical space as well as overhead space in your garage with the right combination of storage products. Planning the space ahead of time can help you avoid having to shuffle things around once you start bringing your items back into the garage.

4- Invest in Shelves and Racks

By creating a plan for your organized garage, you can more clearly see if organizational products are needed. For example, if you store your bikes overhead, you need to invest in the racks. For larger items, floor-to-ceiling shelves are beneficial. You can also use racks to hang up larger tools, small sporting goods, and other items.

5- Store Lawn Equipment in a Prefab Shed

Many people store their lawn equipment in the garage, including a lawn mower, a weed eater, an edger, a leaf blower, a snow blower, and other gear. These items can easily take up a large portion of your garage. A prefab shed can be used to store these items and can be used to add to your yard.

6- Give Everything a Home

De-cluttering your garage is essential for removing unwanted items, but you also need to give all the items that you intend to keep a home. Doing so lays the foundation for the organization. When you need something, you will know exactly where it is. You also will know where to return it after you are done using it.

While cleaning out your garage will likely take several hours or more, the effort is well worthwhile. You can enjoy more usable space and can access all of your stored items more easily.