6 Design Features to Consider Adding When Building a House

Starting from scratch with a new construction means that you can finally add all the features you’ve been dreaming of to your new home! However, having unlimited possibilities can also create pressure to make the right choices. Here’s a look at six design features to consider adding when building a home.

1. Dedicated Pet Space

If you’re a dog or cat lover, consider creating a small nook in your home where you put all of your pet’s things. One common complaint among pet owners is that they are always tripping over food dishes, water bowls, pet beds, and litter boxes. By creating a designated pet nook where these things can go, you’ll get items “out of sight” without putting them out of reach for your pet.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

One of the simplest ways to expand your space for leisure and entertainment is to build an outdoor kitchen on a patio. Features to add include a grill area, refrigerator, bar area, and a nook for an outdoor television. An outdoor kitchen is especially beneficial for adding value and prestige to a home in a region with mild year-round temperatures.

3. Bonus Room

A bonus space is a highly coveted feature! Bonus rooms allow people to create home gyms, offices, media rooms, hobby rooms, or storage areas without using up a spare bedroom. Generally, bonus rooms are placed on the second floor. This makes them feel more connected to the rest of the home compared to a finished basement.

4. Large Mudroom

An oversized mudroom with plenty of built-in shelving and storage is one of the secrets to keeping the main living spaces of a home neat! This is the spot where family members can unload their bookbags, sneakers, muddy boots, and more without crowding the main entryway. Ideally, a mudroom will be connected to your laundry room for easy access.

5. Scullery

Also known as a prep kitchen, a scullery is a utility kitchen that’s hidden behind your main kitchen. It can range in size from a full-sized kitchen to a small galley kitchen. A scullery will typically have a dishwasher, sink, and storage refrigerator. It also tends to have cabinets and a storage pantry. Sculleries can be extremely helpful when making meals for holidays or other special events because the host won’t feel like they are “on display” as they deal with messy preparations. This feature has become common when building new luxury homes in recent years because the open-concept layout that is often desired can leave homeowners craving the privacy of a separate kitchen.

6. Dual Kitchen Islands

Over the years, the kitchen island has become the go-to spot for sitting while the chef is preparing food. This can actually be frustrating when you’re trying to use your island’s surface to cut, chop, mix, and blend. Many people are choosing dual islands when designing kitchen layouts in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. The utility island will feature a sink without seating. Meanwhile, the sitting island will feature seating without a sink.