5 Reasons to Check an Area's Power Grid Before Buying a Home

Location is a vital consideration when buying a home. A small difference in distance can have a major impact on your future.

Buying a home near a power grid has some upsides and downsides. The prices may be more affordable, but some people are skeptical about living near a power grid.

So, what if you find your dream house at an affordable price, but the power grid is close by? Here are five aspects to consider before buying a home.

Importance of Checking an Area’s Power Grid

The national power grid consists of multiple substations. As the current flows, it generates magnetic fields, and voltage produces electric fields.

The equipment in power grids operates on a fixed voltage. The electric fields it produces, therefore, remain consistent. The magnetic field can go higher or lower as the electricity demand fluctuates. Buying a home near a power grid has outstanding benefits.

1- Affordable Prices

Houses close to the power grid are often available at lower prices. Some homeowners have concerns about living in such areas due to electromagnetic radiation. This reduces competition and the asking price. Your environment will also be quieter. This is because power corridors have less traffic than normal streets.

2- Minimal Crowding

Houses near high-tension wires are widespread due to the spacing between electricity poles. Most neighborhoods are greener and have more open areas.

3- Affordable Electricity Costs

One advantage of living close to the power grid is that there are fewer power interruptions. Power companies respond faster to outages in areas with high-tension wires.

Living close to the power grid can translate to lower energy bills. The transmission distance is shorter, so the charges may be lower. These small savings over time translate to significant cost savings.

4- Considerably Safe

Some people believe electromagnetic radiation from the power grid can cause health issues. The debate about whether electromagnetic fields (EMFs) affect our health is ongoing.

However, no concrete study shows that living close to the power grid is dangerous. Most homes have background EMFs. Normal appliances like phones and fridges expose us to electromagnetic radiation. Due to this exposure, there’s a low chance that EMFs from the power grid will harm us.

5- EMF is Measurable

Power grids have a design that ensures they produce fewer external electric fields. The magnetic fields decrease as you move away from the power infrastructure. If you move one to two meters from the power grid, the magnetic field will be less than what you have in your home.

If you have safety concerns, get professionals to measure EMF levels near your house. Experts have the knowledge, tools, and experience to ensure you and your loved ones will be safe.

Is it Wise to Buy a Home Near a Power Grid?

Power grids can make home buyers skeptical about living near them. However, well-informed buyers leverage the multiple benefits to find their dream home. In addition to affordable prices, you’ll enjoy easy access to power and less crowding. You can measure the EMF near home to keep your mind at ease and your loved ones protected.