7 Cost-Effective Ideas for Organizing Your Closet

Need to win back a little space in that closet? Are you having trouble finding something specific you’re looking for? Are your clothes wrinkled when you pull them out from being too crowded? Here are seven easy and cost-effective ways to organize that important space.

1. Sort Through Your Shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space, so take some time to sort through them and see if there are any that need to be thrown away, donated, or put in other locations. Consider adding over-the-door organizers to maximize useful space.

2. Clear Out the Junk

Closets are notorious for collecting all kinds of strange stuff. A lot of this mysterious stuff is simply trash and ought to be thrown away. Do yourself a favor and finally toss it. You’ll be surprised to discover how much space is freed up by simply getting rid of all the junk that’s been cluttering up your closets!

3. Sort Through Your Clothes

Take some time to sort through your clothing to determine what needs to be given away, put into seasonal storage, or kept out. Many items can be given fresh life with a bit of alterations. This is a cost-effective way to prolong the life of clothing and keep your favorite items looking their best.

4. Label the Boxes

You may already have some boxes in the closet where items are being stored, but are those boxes clearly labeled? Are the labels accurately reflecting what’s being stored in the boxes? Take time to properly label the boxes in the closet and check to be sure what’s actually inside those mystery boxes. Some people choose to put a date on these labels to verify when a box was last accessed.

5. Sort Through Seasonal Storage

As seasonally relevant items are brought out, take a moment to sort through those to see what needs to be discarded, cleaned, and repaired. Don’t stuff unwanted, broken, or irrelevant seasonal items back in those boxes. This is your chance to win back space by taking those things out and addressing them correctly. However, don’t get distracted going through sentimental objects; stick to items that are easy to sort and organize. These objects are the ones most likely to need your attention.

6. Sweep, Vacuum, and Freshen the Closet

When was the last time the closet itself was cleaned? It’s difficult to keep the things in the closet clean if the closet environment itself isn’t very clean. As you sort items from the shelves and floor, take a moment to dust, sweep, and vacuum. This will help you find any items that have been knocked to the back corners, too. Consider hanging cedar blocks or lavender packets to keep the air in the closet fresh.

7. Use Clear Bins for Storage

To prevent the dreaded mystery accumulation, consider storing your closet items inside clear bins or boxes. This will help you see what each box contains. You can sort each shelf according to a season or theme for better organization, too. Additionally, periodically review and declutter your closet to remove any items you no longer need or use.