BrickVest, the leading online platform for commercial real estate investment, today announces that its B2B platform BrickVest Select has become the largest real estate club deal listing platform globally in just six months; 102 deals are currently listed on the platform, offering investors exposure to €6 billion of assets with an investible value of €3 billion.

BrickVest Select provides ultra-high-net-worth investors, family offices and institutional investors exclusive access to real estate club deals of between £5 million and £300 million across the world.

In the last three months, the number of deals listed on the platform has risen dramatically from 26 to 102 located in 27 countries, of which 32 are in the US, by far the largest single market accounting for 44% of the investible asset value available. Germany (18) and the UK (17) occupy second and third places, representing 18% and 13% of the investible asset value available respectively.

According to BrickVest, BrickVest Select has become a go-to capital source for many large sponsors such as Henley Investment Management (US), Corestate (UK), or Acron (Switzerland), as it offers access to a diversified investor base outside their domestic market. Meanwhile, European investors are increasingly looking to broaden their exposure to US real estate sector, which has benefited significantly from tax reforms, technology disruption and a booming multi-family residential sector.

Thomas Schneider, Managing Director at BrickVest, commented:

“For BrickVest Select to become the biggest real estate club deal listing platform in the world in just six months is a tremendous achievement. Not only does it underline the scale of demand among sponsors for access to new funding sources but also increasing the appetite among investors to deploy their capital beyond their domestic market.

“We expect the momentum generated over the last six months to continue growing and we look forward to welcoming increasing numbers of new sponsors and investors to BrickVest Select.”