Looking for new sources of capital to help finance your next real asset project? BV MARKETS LEND is at your service.

A beta version of this online marketplace service was launched at the end of 2019, with the full version launched in Q3 2020.

This debt-specific service was developed after considerable consultation with both real asset sponsors and specialised financial institutions, to ensure it was fully customised for the specific needs of the sector. Our aim was to fully digitalise and speed up the frequently time-consuming process of securing a loan (and originating debt).


-> Access to lenders of different profiles from around the world.

-> A digital workflow which makes the capital raising process more efficient.

-> A listing wizard which guides you to include all the key information lenders have told us they need, saving you time lost with backs-and-forths.

-> A dataroom facility which allows you to manage lenders’ access to this information according to engagement level.

Since its soft launch at the end of last year, we have refined and added further features to the platform. Recent highlights include:

Counterparty selection: This feature allows real asset developers, managers and owners (sponsors) to control access to the details of each of their listed projects and to target the most appropriate lenders or lender types for each one. Sponsors can now create their own target lender lists - which they can save and re-use for future projects - and send details of the financing opportunity to these lists by email (once the listing has been approved by BrickVest).

Bid comparison and engagement tool for sponsors: This new user interface allows sponsors to view bids from lenders side-by-side to facilitate review. The bids can be easily sorted by selecting criteria such as Amount, Interest Rate, Fees or Term. Sponsors can then engage with them individually, via one-click action buttons.

Extension of debt products: Following feedback from potential lenders, new “alternative offerings” are now available when listing financing opportunities. These have a simplified (shorter) listing creation wizard and an expression of interest mechanism instead of the bidding system, where appropriate. The seven new offering types are: Bond, Borrowers Note, Syndication, Loan (Performing), Loan (Sub/Non-Performing), Securitisation and Derivative.

We are continuing to improve the service, with further fixes and features planned for the coming months.

Why not use BV MARKETS LEND to source financing for your next project?

Don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team with any questions.

Note: Ultimately, we plan to merge our equity and lending marketplaces. But for the moment, even if you are already registered to raise equity capital through BrickVest, you need to register and upload financing opportunities to BV Lend separately. Different information may be required by lenders to that required by investors.

Image courtesy of Jason Goh.