BrickVest, the London-based online real estate investment platform, announces the launch of BrickVest Select, its new service which provides ultra-high-net-worth investors, family offices and institutional investors exclusive access to real estate club deals of between £5 million and £300 million, offering the opportunity to invest alongside the industry's leading real estate investment managers.

Through BrickVest Select's AIF Master Fund, eligible and approved investors can gain exposure to specific real estate assets across a given geography, strategy, asset type and capital structure, including both senior and mezzanine debt, and equity.

After a period of thorough testing with 100 pre-registered investors and sponsors, BrickVest Select is launching with £1.5bn of available offers across 40 listed deals in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, covering various real estate asset classes and strategies. For example, the listing currently features a £4m CHF equity offering for a core plus city hotel in Switzerland, a $200m USD value-add student housing fund in Canada and the United States in preferred equity and €300m of senior debt financing for the development of an industrial complex in Spain. BrickVest expects to have over 200 deals listed by the end of 2018.

Emmanuel Lumineau, CEO at BrickVest,** commented**: "Having successfully created a one-stop online platform that provides investors of all sizes with access to institutional-grade real estate, BrickVest Select is the next step in our evolution. We've designed the service in response to growing demand from family offices and institutional investors looking to build larger, diversified commercial debt and equity real estate portfolios through different structures such as an AIF. Most investors of this type wouldn't be able to directly access the range of assets we offer."

The minimum investment commitment for club deals ranges from £500k through to whole of deal capacity. Investments can be traded before the end of the set holding period through BrickVest's secondary market which removes the illiquidity issue that regularly affects club deals.

For sponsors, BrickVest Select represents an efficient way of raising capital, with currently no fees for listing deals and offering access to a pre-verified network of sophisticated investors. This enables sponsors to diversify their fundraising channels and tap into a new investor base that can provide speed and likelihood for closing.

Emmanuel Lumineau continued : "Thanks to BrickVest Select, investors can disintermediate this process and therefore, avoid paying additional charges. We have already received considerable interest from sponsors looking to build a broader base of high-quality investors through a fully licensed platform and we look forward to working with them to deliver some highly successful outcomes."

BrickVest Select fees range from 0.5-2% depending on the deal and are transparent and all-inclusive.

Investors interested in applying to join BrickVest Select can do so on