Have you noticed ? We’ve just launched a new website, together with a change of logo and branding. We have grouped all our platforms (or services) together, under the name BV Markets (BrickVest Markets).

Under the umbrella of BV Markets, you will now find our marketplace services under the headings of “Invest”, “Lend” and “Raise Capital”:

· The service that was called Select is now simply referred to as “Direct Investment”, since it facilitates direct contact with real asset managers and developers, to invest large amounts (from €500k upwards), either individually or within a club deal structure.

· The service that was called Access is now referred to as “Fund Investment”, since it is designed to offer investment through funds managed by BrickVest and other third parties, from €125k upwards.

· The service that was called Debt is now referred to as “Lending”, with features and data parameters specific to the needs of banks, insurance companies and other lenders.

There is a dedicated section on the website, called “Raise Capital”, to outline the services available to real asset developers, managers and owners wishing to expand their networks and fund their projects via the different methods above.

Head of Creative, Marie Foucaud, describes the benefits of the website redesign as follows: “We wanted the website to have a clear, intuitive design and structure, to ultimately deliver the best user experience possible”.

Beyond real estate

You will notice that we have expanded beyond real estate to host different types of real asset investment and lending opportunities. More varied projects have started to be listed on our marketplace this year, so please do log in and browse the opportunities currently available, when you have a moment.

Also on the new website is detail about our history and plans for the future. We hope that, in that future, the technology behind our marketplace will not be exclusive to it, but will be used across the industry, bringing digitalisation and efficiency to everyone’s real asset investment experience.

“This new brand identity and website are bringing to life the growth of BrickVest as a company, and its aspirations to transform the real asset investment environment with its ever-evolving digital technology," explains David Mounou, CMO.


We are committed to publishing one or two short pieces each month about this sector in the new Resources section – be it our views on particular emerging themes, or research results.

“One of our key aims for the new website is to provide clearly written, useful content, continuously updated, that will assist you in planning your real asset investments,” says Head of Content & Communications, Lorna Lee.

Our plan is to add further resources in the very near future – including analytics and communications tools – to connect and empower industry players and provide a veritable digital “ecosystem” for the real asset industry.

We hope you’ll be part of our future!