Employee Participation Funds offer the employees of a company the opportunity to invest, alongside other investors, in the company’s real estate investment vehicles. It is an efficient and powerful tool to align the interests of the company, the employees and the investors towards success.

A tailor-made structure in a fully-regulated environment

Cost & time-efficient

BrickVest offers a fast and cost-efficient set up (2 to 12 weeks) within its fully regulated framework (regulated as a full-scope Alternative Investment Fund Manager by the Financial Conduct Authority).

Top Notch Support

Services provided include: fund structuring, platform for deal offerings, secondary trading capability, ongoing investors communication and monitoring services.

Flexible capital

No restriction on the amount that can be raised and invested.

Highly customized

Fund structures can be established according to the company's specification, addressing any needs and requirements.

Aligning the interests of the company, employees and investors


  • Employment Incentive and Retention Tool
  • Strong signal of confidence to investors
  • Additional Source of Equity


  • Participation in Value Creation
  • Institutional-Quality Investment Opportunity
  • Access to Liquidity through Secondary Market
  • ISA* Compatible (UK Investors)
* Individual Savings Account


  • Alignment of Interests with Managers