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August 9, 2018

HV8 Fund: a US trophy asset strategy with opportunity to invest in new hotel on Chicago’s iconic Navy Pier

Harvest Investment 8 (HV8) is Brickvest's latest in its range of thematic strategy Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) and the first to offer investors exposure to the US market.

July 31, 2018

[Real Estate Barometer Q2 2018] 'Everything in moderation', say real estate investors as appetite for low and high-risk strategies drops

International commercial property investor appetite for moderate risk strategies such as Value-add and Light Refurbishment has reached its highest point in the last 18 months as support for low and high risk opportunities continues to fall

July 26, 2018

Die Prospektpflicht ist wichtig (interview for IZ)

Am 21. Juli tritt in Deutschland ein neues Wertpapierprospektgesetz in Kraft. Bei der Emission müssen Unternehmen künftig erst ab einem Volumen von 8 Mio. Euro statt wie bisher 2,5 Mio. Euro einen umfangreichen Prospekt erstellen.

July 11, 2018

Announcing Harvest Investment 6 fund, offering access to Liverpool's Royal Liver Building

HV6, the latest in BrickVest's range of single strategy Alternative Investment Funds, is designed to generate a stable income for investors through exposure to the office sector

June 28, 2018

BrickVest’s HV 2 fund exit generates 2.3x return in 26 months

Harvest Investments Series 2, BrickVest's German value-add closed ended fund achieves outstanding exit in just 26 months. BrickVest announces its second successful fund exit less than three years after the AIFM investment management platform launched