About us

Our mission:

To bring efficiency and transparency to global real asset investment

Our journey

BrickVest was established in 2014. Since then, it has challenged the accepted ways of doing things in real asset investment, bringing digitalisation, standardisation and – ultimately – transparency, to the sector.

  1. Foundation

    Nov 2014

    BrickVest announces its vision to be the first ever pan-European online real estate investment platform, allowing investors greater discretion in their investments.

  2. Launch of BrickVest “Access”

    Feb 2015

    Online real estate fund investment platform launched, giving investors access to institutional quality real estate previously only available to large institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies and large family offices.

  3. Full-scope AIFM FCA license

    Dec 2016

    BrickVest obtains its AIFM FCA license, the first granted to an online real estate investment platform in Europe. This gives BrickVest an EU-wide passport to market and manage a wide range of investment products across member states.

  4. Launch of BrickVest “Select”

    Feb 2018

    BrickVest unveils “Select”, its B2B deal listing and club deal investment platform, a new service exclusively for institutional investors, family offices and UHNWIs. Select was to become, within one year, the world’s largest deal listing platform (by investable amount) for real estate professionals.

  5. BrickVest secures French AMF license

    Jul 2019

    Two AIFM licenses – one in the UK and one within the EU-27 – increase BrickVest’s strength, allowing it to offer its clients a comprehensive, regulated, Brexit-proof service.

  6. Introduction of Brickvest Debt

    Nov 2019

    A new service is introduced, designed specifically to link real asset owners and sponsors requiring new sources of capital with banks, financial institutions and other professional lenders.

  7. BrickVest acquired by Patrizia

    Feb 2020

    Patrizia invests in BrickVest, recognising its potential as the global, open industry platform for real asset investment. The management and operations of BrickVest remain completely independent.

  8. Unity of real asset buy- and sell-side services under the umbrella Brickvest Markets

    Jul 2020

    Direct investment, fund investment and the newly added lending platform are brought under the single umbrella of BV Markets. A single marketplace is created to join real asset professionals with capital providers, spanning the whole capital stack.

Our way of working

BrickVest's technology is fully cloud-based and increasingly modular.

Industry focus

Industry focus

  • We have listened to real asset project sponsors, asset owners and managers, lenders, brokers and other market participants over the last five years and noted their “pain points”. Our specialist technology aims to supply solutions to these issues.
  • If you’d like to explore whether our technology could benefit your company, please get in touch.


  • BrickVest runs on a proprietary, cloud-based, micro-services architecture, more scalable and flexible than the monolithic networks of the past.
  • This allows for much quicker and easier
    - development and deployment
    - customisation for user groups with different needs
    - integration with other systems and partners.


  • Our technology allows us to digitalise every piece of data and every stage within the real asset investment process, delivering game-changing jumps in efficiency throughout the journey.
  • Our solutions, currently available via BV Markets, will soon be available for use under licence to other market participants, helping digitalise their daily work and improve their efficiency.

Press Coverage

Below are some pieces about BrickVest that have appeared in the media.

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