Why real estate companies choose BrickVest

Access to BrickVest Investor Network

Access to a large and steadily growing network of qualified UHNW investors, family offices and institutional investors. BrickVest sources capital from over 120 family offices and 5000+ high net-worth individuals all over the world.

Diversified Sources of Capital

Access to a wide group of investors with varying risk and asset class preferences, making you much less dependent on a few main capital provider.

Reporting Service

BrickVest provides ongoing investor reporting and automatic distribution of dividends. Investors benefit from all the comprehensive and professional fund reporting that you would expect from a fund manager.

Professional Investment Terms

Lower sourcing and administrative costs enable BrickVest to offer deal sponsors better terms for capital than traditional investment banks and private equity firms can provide.

Efficient Way to Raise Capital

BrickVest’s access to a large network of investors, structured and automated deal sponsor on-boarding and underwriting system enables you to raise capital within a short time. Investors are pooled into a single regulated fund, allowing Sponsors to rely on our Know Your Client verification and deal with investors through a single channel.

Access to a Secondary Market Liquidity

By creating a secondary marketplace, BrickVest makes previously illiquid investments tradable, enabling you to offer your properties to investors on more favourable terms.

Is your project the right fit?


BrickVest looks for experienced real estate developers, owners and operators with a verifiable track record and past projects.

Hold Period

The typical investment holding period ranges from 3 to 8 years.

Investment Size

BrickVest accepts projects with equity investment sizes starting from €2M.

Risk profile

BrickVest accepts transactions through all asset classes from all major global real estate markets with promising market dynamics and risk-adjusted return-profiles and pricing expectations.

Capital Type

We currently accept the following capital structures: Equity, Preferred Equity, Mezzanine Debt, Stretched Senior Debt, Senior Debt.

Deal sponsors platform

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* All information above is for demonstration purpose only and does not reflect actual projected data.